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Review of the Album "Art of Lying" by Polish Thrash Metal Band Virgin Snatch

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Virgin Snatch's 2nd Studio Album Style and Musical Influences

Art of Lying is the second studio album by Poland’s veterans of thrash metal Virgin Snatch. Yes it is time to consider these guys veterans of the thrash metal scene because they have been around since 2001. Their heaviness and brutality in terms of the guitar play has not let up. They have not put their foot off of the gas pedal in terms of aggressiveness but in this case it works out just fine.

Think of this sophomore effort by Virgin Snatch as a combination of thrash metal plus Arch Enemy style riffs in some cases and you get a decent thrash metal album here.

Acid Drinkers' Tomasz Puckacki Used to be a Member of Virgin Snatch

Playing the bass guitar on this album is Tomasz Pukacki who is best known for being one of the founders of the thrash metal band Acid Drinkers. That is certainly a great idea for Virgin Snatch to have recruited him to play on this album.

"Trans for Mansions"

Why "Trust" is a Unique Song On Art of Lying

The vocals sound rough enough to be in the death metal category but in this case how they sound like doesn’t matter a whole lot since the riffs are underrated. Then when it seems like it will be totally unexpected, Virgin Snatch surprise us with the much softer and highly melodic song called “Trust” as the song is about what happens when you are not treated with integrity by someone who has not been the kind of friend that they should be. The song gets heavier as the middle of the song is about the fact that the repairing of the friendship will be very difficult when you cannot trust the person. This song for all intents and purposes can be considered a sort of power ballad. As the song tries to point out, your integrity is the one thing that cannot ever be taken from you.

"Deprived of Dignity"

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About the Songs in Art of Lying

If your second effort is as solid as this one is, that is a very good sort of foreshadowing for the future in most cases. However, Virgin Snatch delivers on its heavy thrash metal approach just about from the very beginning with the very strong opener “Deprived of Dignity.” This one is a mixture of Metallica meets Arch Enemy influenced thrash. “Trans for Mansions” features a rather interesting vocal approach for Virgin Snatch as they temporarily switch to a more melodic vocal style. Once again, the middle section of the song shows its Arch Enemy influence as I detect that it is influenced by Arch Enemy the way they were in 1999. “Rulez of Conduct” is another song that lyrically makes a reference to the fact that some people who pretend to be something that they are not. “Art of Lying” the song starts melodically, but then slowly builds as the song becomes heavy with that picking style you hear so often in thrash metal. The song is basically about living in a world in which people try to feed lies to other people with the purpose of controlling them. “Paranoia” the last song in this album in the beginning riff resembles Fear Factory before it gets into the guitar approach that Virgin Snatch has been known for.

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