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Review of the Album "Are You a Rebel?" By Acid Drinkers

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What is the Musical Style of the Album Are You a Rebel?

Are You a Rebel? is the 1990 debut album by Polish crossover thrash metal band Acid Drinkers and it was released at a time when bands were starting to change their styles. The album also has touches of neoclassical riffs in the mix which can make for a rather pleasant listen. This is the first album by a Polish metal band ever to be released on a CD. This is a crossover thrash CD that has humor, melody, and musicianship that would make bands like D.R.I. impressed. Are You a Rebel? is this sort of punk influenced crossover thrash metal with neoclassical style melodies and you get the feel that these guys really enjoyed recording this album. The riffing isn’t super raw but you get the sense that the production is similar to what it would have been at that time.

The Main Reason to Listen to Acid Drinkers' Music

Listening to this three decades old album makes me realize that I enjoy the music of Acid Drinkers much more than that of Suicidal Tendencies. Acid Drinkers use humor in their music without taking the profanity to excess lengths. I would say that this debut is a mixture of punk, crossover and thrash metal all in one. The drums are played in a sort of way that you can tell that the production isn’t fully developed to the modern standards that we know but this album came out in 1990 and the technology has changed much since then.

Some Interesting Perspective About Acid Drinkers' Debut Album to Consider

In a year that saw the release of several notable heavy metal releases, this one stands out as being the funniest and the lightest of the ones that were famous and released. You might ask how it is possible that this debut from Acid Drinkers the least heavy of all the famous heavy metal albums released in that year. The reason is because this album has more of an emphasis on that punk sound and bass lines and humorous lyrics. It has thrash metal like parts but in this debut, Acid Drinkers didn’t make their main focus be something like playing at a million miles an hour. This debut is a mixture of several musical attributes or parts and this diversity makes the album easier to listen to than an album that is written exclusively for the purpose of being just really fast riffs. There are albums out there that have fast riffs all throughout that are superb but that’s not always the case. Musical diversity is critical to maintaining the interest of many fans and Acid Drinkers definitely has enough diversity to satisfy some fans. The two things that this debut album doesn’t have are ballads or instrumentals but that doesn’t make this album a disappointment.

Why Acid Drinkers is an Interesting Crossover Thrash Metal Band

This debut album is a crossover thrash metal album that has lyrics about experiences serving in the Polish army with songs such as “Del Rocca” and “Barmy Army.” Robert “Litza” Friedrich does the lead vocals for the 7th song “I Am the Mystic” and he sounds like James Hetfield I would say. “Barmy Army” all of a sudden gets into this neoclassical speed section of sorts before settling down into a punk influenced song. The bass lines in this album are probably too audible if we compare it to Metallica of the late 1980s and early 1990s but in this case it works out. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the fun bass filled song “I Mean Acid (Do Ya Like It)?” There is a constant reference to the world acid, which is one half of this band’s name. The song also uses some of the shred metal style that fans will be used to if they have heard any music by Marty Friedman or Jason Becker. Then there is the highly entertaining song about violence in the streets called “I F*** the Violence (I’m Sure I’m Right)” This is really the only song in this album that may turn off some listeners but the bottom line is that Acid Drinkers is just trying to be melodic and use humor at the same time which is to be respected and appreciated. Then there is the humorous song called “Woman With the Dirty Feet” which only further makes Acid Drinkers a rather interesting crossover thrash metal band. These guys don’t just put out short tracks with just talking parts or songs that are filled with profanity. They put out material that fans can relate to on a personal level. Do Acid Drinkers make their presence felt with the album Are You a Rebel? You bet they do!

"I Am the Mystic"

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