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Review of the Album "Arcana" by Austrian Power Metal Band Edenbridge

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The Album Cover for Arcana


The Songs "Ascending", "Starlight Reverie" and "The Palace"

Arcana is the second studio album by Austrian symphonic power metal band Edenbridge released in 2001. I’d been wanting to give this album a review for quite some time. Musically, the album follows the debut Sunrise in Eden and it looks like I will listen to these albums in order by their year of release and review them. After a beautiful classically influenced short instrumental called Ascending, "Starlight Reverie" is a song about being able to explore the constellations in the sky and explore the Milky Way. There have been people that have flown into space and explored. The song also has that feel of mid 1990’s Eldritch. I see a similarity in one of the riffs to the song called “The Deaf and the Blind” but in this review, we are addressing Edenbridge here. “The Palace” is a song that starts out having a combined influence of power and folk and power metal (think of Finntroll and Rhapsody of Fire). She is having a dream of walking through the palace corridors looking at pictures that have eyes but they will not see what is going on. The woman described in this song screams in her dream. The piano part makes the song have some contrast.

"Starlight Reverie"

What Does the Album Cover for Arcana Symbolize?

Let’s make a few comments about the album’s cover while we have a chance. The cover for the album Arcana has columns of stones and bricks. The style of the photo is very much Greek and Roman tracing the days back to the ancient Romans and Greeks. The structures that you see in the photo are settled and built in the ocean.

"Into the Light"

About the Songs A Moment in Time, Fly On a Rainbow Dream and Color My Sky

A Moment in Time is a song that describes the life cycle as we go from birth to youth to old age and time passes by what seems to be so quickly. We must pursue our dreams now before it is too late. However, the one weakness for this album is that the sound isn’t fully developed to be near 2001 standards. “Fly on a Rainbow Dream” lyrically might as well be symbolism about suspending our disbelief and using our metaphorical wings to fly to our chosen destination. “Color My Sky” is a song that is about waiting for the transition of seasons to occur as the sky gives off a sort of haze. But the previous song called "Fly on a Rainbow Dream" is a song about flying, breathing the clean crisp air and taking that journey to an unknown place. The song may not talk of flying specifically but daydreaming is a way for us to temporarily escape our life stresses and sometimes we can also plan what we want to do in our lives. So we have analyzed this song twice and you can either interpret the lyrics literally or figuratively.

The Song "Arcana" Review

"Arcana" is a song that is almost ten minutes in length. There is a soothing start to the song as it builds up to be a symphonic power metal song. Edenbridge generally plays at a slower speed compared to other power metal bands but Sabine Edelsbacher’s voice is good enough to take your mind off that simple detail. The song is about visualizing being in a peaceful, blissful place such as Eden as the clearness in the air is seen and she visualizes an island in the stream.

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The Song Called "Arcana"

Final Thoughts About the Album "Arcana"

However, "Arcana" is a weaker album than Sunrise in Eden. The weakness is the songwriting but still there is enough decent material to consider Arcana a good release. The best songs are Ascending, Starlight Reverie, and The Palace.

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