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Review of the Album "Animosity" by Corrosion of Conformity

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Introduction to Corrosion of Conformity's 1985 Studio Album

Genre: punk metal with influences such as early Iron Maiden

Length: 26:08

Year Released: 1985

American crossover thrash metal band Corrosion of Conformity started off their career as a punk metal band before that transition. Their 1985 studio album Animosity is one such example. It is an album that is largely punk metal with influences such as early Iron Maiden as well. The crossover influence such as was the case with Suicidal Tendencies is preset as well. Since I did enjoy a few of their later albums such as Blind and Deliverance, giving Animosity a listen as well seemed like a logical and reasonable thing to do.

About the Bass and Vocals By Mike Dean

The bass guitar play by Mike Dean certainly deserves praise and recognition as well not only because it is clearly audible but he does a good job of presenting himself in that capacity. He also provides lead vocals for this album as well. The vocals sound like a more muffled version of Paul Di’anno if that makes any sense.

The Big Picture About the Album Animosity

But that really doesn’t diminish musically what is present on this 26 minute album from one of the most well-known bands of the crossover thrash metal scene. The vocals aren’t stellar or elite but Mike Dean’s bass play makes up for that deficiency and the punk influences provided by guitarist Woody Weatherman make for a rather strong sophomore musical effort. In the 1980s there were albums that were similar in style to this one and I think even Iron Maiden’s Killers album had punk metal in it as well. This was one of the sub-genres that defined the period. This album isn’t the Reign in Blood greatness kind of album for these guys from North Carolina but it is a genre defining album that set the band on a course to get even better musically.

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Is Animosity an Underrated Album?

Upon four full listens of the album Animosity, there is not the sense that this is an angry album but rather an album that defined this vast sub-genre during that period. It may not be the best album from these guys but it is close enough to being very good. For some of you a 26 minute punk metal album would not be long enough but in those days, this length of the albums was quite common. However, the album isn’t as short as Napalm Death’s Scum at least in comparison to the proportion of music that is present on the album and there are three songs in this album being less than 2 minutes long. One of them is the song “Mad World.” Are we living in a mad world as the song says? It depends on how you view the world. “Positive Outlook” or in some cases it is written as “+ Outlook” and this song is about keeping a positive outlook in a world where negativity and rage have become part of the normal discourse. “Kiss of Death” is a song that in terms of the riffing style is similar to Iron Maiden’s "Charlotte the Harlot” song. Animosity is one of those albums that represents an easier kind of listen through in spite of its title and the length is one of the reasons. But it represents a good album for the time period in which it was released and the guitar solos in it are respectable as well.

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