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Review of the Album "Angels Fall First" by Finnish Power Metal Band Nightwish

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A Photo of the Very Beautiful Tarja Turunen Former Nightwish Vocalist


Nightwish is One of the Best Symphonic Power Metal Bands in Finland

Nightwish are one of the longest active Finnish power metal bands being active since 1996. I used to have their debut album called Angels Fall First and their 2nd album called Oceanborn. But this review will only cover their debut album released in 1997 which seems like ages ago in musical years. Their claim to fame was that they used to have the opera influenced vocalist Tarja Turunen. The first song called "Elevenpath" features the standard voice of Tarja as well as her opera like vocals. The production for Nightwish is solid as can be. Whether there will be more reviews of Nightwish albums in the future that will remain to be seen. Let’s just get this done to at least give fans an introduction to this famous power metal band. Their sound is very symphonic in nature and the band uses keyboards but some might say that the keyboards are over used. Keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen does the male vocals particularly in the song called "Beauty and the Beast." He did not like his vocal performances but I think he does a fair and decent job as the beauty of the song shows. It is classically influenced. Even though I have been listening to the band Amberian Dawn much more, Nightwish must be given credit for how they have made Finland’s music scene better. With bands such as Stratovarius getting older, Nightwish and Amberian Dawn will take over as two of the best Finnish power metal bands.

Tuomas Holopainen Keyboardist and Pianist and Emppu Vuorinen Guitarist

Emppu Vuorinen at a Nightwish concert at the venue called The Palais in Melbourne, Australia.

Emppu Vuorinen at a Nightwish concert at the venue called The Palais in Melbourne, Australia.

"The Carpenter"

About the Songs The Carpenter, Astral Romance, Angels Fall First, Tutankhamen, and Nymphomaniac Fantasia

"The Carpenter" is a song about someone that is looking at the tomb of an unknown soldier as he pays tribute to the ones that have passed on. The song has a definite The 3rd and the Mortal influence and feel to it. "Astral Romance" is a song about someone that experiences an astral projection and they desire to be with their departed lover whom they will love until the end of their days. Angels Fall First is a beautiful ballad song about the angels of departed ones coming to Earth to remind all of us just how short life really is. Life may be short but it is still longer on average compared to 200 years ago. "Tutankhamen" is actually a song that is about the very famous Egyptian pharaoh. His treasure is said to be so important that it is worth a fortune. Egypt has become a major part of our culture and the concept of the Pharaohs was first introduced in the Bible and then it was introduced in the entertainment industry in cartoons such as Inspector Gadget, a cartoon that I grew up watching. "Nymphomaniac Fantasia" is a symphonic power metal song that tells the tale of what can happen when two lovers are reunited after a long absence. Sometimes though love has the power to wound us if it is not real love.

Jukka Nevalainen the Longtime Drummer for Nightwish

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"Angels Fall First" (Song)

The Song Called "Elevenpath"

A Heart and Angel Wings Symbolizing the Angelic Quality of the Album


How is the Rest of the Album Angels Fall First?

"Know Why the Nightingale Sings" is a song that describes the tale or the story of what happens when the nightingale sings. Even if a man or woman does not have any wings, they can find peace in their life if they just hear the nightingale sing. In this album there are also four songs that are probably based on songs that are done in the region called Lapland. Overall, Angels Fall First was a very solid way for Nightwish to begin their career.

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