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Review of the Album "Amerikkkant" by Industrial Metal Band Ministry

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A Very Different Album by Ministry Awaits the Listener

AmeriKKKant is one of the more controversial albums in the history of heavy metal and it is generally considered to be a rather uninspiring and musically poor album. I got into Ministry’s music years ago with the album Psalm 69 and their very famous song “Just One Fix” which has since been covered by other metal bands such as Sepultura. Through one full listen of this album, it is one where it may not be a complete horror show but be prepared to hear some of the weirdest music you will have ever heard in your life.

AmeriKKKant Does Not Sound Like Real Industrial Metal Especially in the Beginning

With the way in which this album begins with the unusual song called “I Know Words” you will more than likely shake your head in disgust. The way that this album begins is like a weird, atmospheric “metal” sound that is disjointed and out of place. This disjointed, weird structure continues into the song “Twilight Zone.” There is much repetition of certain words along with the sort of electronic sounds. This is not real industrial metal. At least the initial beginning of this album isn’t. After watching a video on YouTube about 10 terrible metal albums that aren’t St. Anger that’s when I decided to review and analyze AmeriKKKant. Lyrically, the album isn’t a concept album but it is written with the intention of describing in length about the sociological issues that have led to the rise of the current political climate of the United States.

"Game Over"

This Album by Ministry is Worse Than St. Anger

If some of you think that St. Anger is a bad album, the phrase “you ain’t seen nothing yet” applies here. St. Anger at least sounds like a metal album whereas Ministry’s 2018 album is a mishmash of industrial disjointed, messy sounds. “Victims of a Clown” is an attempt by Ministry to try and sound like Fear Factory and let’s just say that the attempt fails. Songs such as “We’re Tired of It” are somewhat better as the song at least with the riffing resembles heavy thrash metal. The song is lyrically about the power structure having literally corrupted the political system and it is only a matter of time before the people get tired of what is going on. The next song “Wargasm” returns to the pattern of using parts of speeches given by politicians in the past as the weird industrial sounds continue unabated. Ministry vocalist Al Jourgensen was asked about whether the 2016 US Presidential campaign would have any influence on the lyrical content. Jourgensen basically said that he would rather sing about how the sociological conditions propelled an entire country to vote for a person such as Donald Trump. I’m reviewing this album at a time when Trump is no longer in the Oval Office and politics aside, this 2018 album is pretty bad as an album overall. As of this writing in 2021, this 2018 studio album is flat and largely uninspiring in terms of most of the songs. The only exception that I can think of is the 5th song that has already been discussed because that’s the only song that has a semblance of thrash metal in it.

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