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Review of the Album "Amazing Atomic Activity" by Acid Drinkers

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Acid Drinkers Did Not Decline Musically Following the Departure of Robert Friedrich

Length: 47 minutes and 44 seconds (without the bonus tracks)

Genre: thrash metal

Amazing Atomic Activity is more than just the 1999 studio album by Polish thrash metal band Acid Drinkers. It is also the first album without the contributions of Robert “Litza” Friedrich. I had the urge to listen to this album partially because the band does a cover of The Rolling Stones song “Satisfaction.” The guitar sound on this next release is the opposite of the way that it was on the album High Proof Cosmic Milk just a year earlier. Replacing the dark, muddy guitar sound is a more modern guitar sound that resembles what Acid Drinkers is known for. If there were any doubts as to whether Acid Drinkers would suffer musically because of Friedrich’s departure that question is answered early on with the heavy and musically creative title track.

This Album Once Again Shows the Diversity of Acid Drinkers

There is still that crossover thrash metal element to the band’s music but I get the sense that these guys do a far better job at this sub-genre of thrash metal compared to Suicidal Tendencies (sorry Mike Muir) but these guys have the upper hand on you. It is also nice in a way to hear a band do a metal version of that famous song by The Rolling Stones. I think what makes Acid Drinkers great is that they do not always rely on riffs that are a million miles an hour and combine that with furious vocals. They perform in such a way that getting the enjoyment out of the music is easier. “Justify Me (I Was So Hungry)” is an example of a song that has the feel of something different while still having that metal sound to it. Just because you are a thrash metal group it doesn’t mean that every song you write has to have blazing fast guitars and solos that are a million miles an hour.

"Amazing Atomic Activity" Song

The Greatness of Amazing Atomic Activity in Brief

Wow! Amazing Atomic Activity is one of those albums that just really clicks musically. An experienced listener will be able to spot this quality. “House Full of Reptiles” may be one of the most entertaining songs in this album. The song is lyrically about being stuck in a house where dragons and lizards have gotten into the house and you are not able to move around.

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The Bass Guitar and Vocals Are Also Strong Qualities In This Album

Vocalist and bassist Tomasz “Titus” Puckacki shows that he has a very good rough voice and he can get the job done at a lower vocal octave as well. The bass guitar work in this album can be clearly heard as well.

(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction the Rolling Stones Cover

Does Acid Drinkers Get Stronger As a Band With Each Album?

"Wake Up! Here Comes the Acids” is a song that might indeed wake you up if you are sleepy because of the bass tone and the general high energy feel to the song. With this release, Acid Drinkers have come up with something different than their previous album and it mostly works out well. Just like the previous album, there is another cover song performance like we have discussed before. In this album unlike, the previous one, the Rolling Stones song “Satisfaction” has been covered in such a way where even though the vocals are fast the song is still entertaining. There are some people that might not like it when bands do cover songs but in this case, it works out. With every release, these Polish guys seem to get stronger musically little by little. With the exception of their 1991 studio album Dirty Money, Dirty Tricks which was an average release at best, ever since I started really exploring their material it is clear that these guys have played thrash metal while also doing some musical exploration in their own way.

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