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Review of the Album "All Hell Breaks Loose" by German Thrash Metal Band Destruction

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The Triumphant Return of Marcel Schirmer

Perhaps it was only fitting for German thrash metal band Destruction to welcome back original vocalist and bassist Marcel Schirmer back into the band just in time perhaps for their 2000 studio album All Hell Breaks Loose. The album’s title may be a better description for all the unfortunate events going on in the world today.

"The Final Curtain"

The Best Album for This Band Since 1987

One thing is for sure and it is that the band Destruction returns to their best form with this album to the delight of many fans that didn’t like the previous album. The album expresses frustration with the state of the world and you can really tell if you read the lyrics of the songs. In a way, the band is trying to point out that because of the various evils committed by humans that the planet is on its way to self-imposed destruction. Even the song titles are a telling sign for what the band members may have been feeling or thinking at the time which makes us sometimes wonder if there is only pain in the world.

"Visual Prostitution"

About the Songs On "All Hell Breaks Loose"

One thing is for sure and that is that these German guys once again deliver the musical goods while letting us know about some of the biggest vices in mankind such as addiction to prostitution and this is explained in the song “Visual Prostitution.” What has happened to human evolution that has caused people to become addicted to this kind of activity? The reason may be due to human selfishness. Even if this album had been released today in 2022 it would definitely have resonated with many thrash metal fans given what is currently going on in the world today. After a short track called “Intro” and one line of lyrics, this album starts to get into the kind of speed that Destruction is known for using in their songs. THIS was the right way for this German band to start off a new decade after creating an album in which they don’t want to recognize as part of their discography. The Intro song for this album isn’t just some ordinary average intro. It is one of those short tracks that is highly melodic and has little lyrics but it is a great way to set the tone for what is to follow it. “The Final Curtain” is one of those songs that would make any German thrash metal band proud because of the razor sharp riffing. You can just hear the immense power of the guitars. Whatever this band did for this 6th studio album of theirs it certainly worked out very well after an album that was so universally disliked by the fans and the band themselves. It looks like the curtain is about to fall on Russia as I write this, trying to analyze an album that is about 22 years old but it has stood the test of time very well and represents one of the best albums for this German band in at least 10 years. “Machinery of Lies” lyrically is about the dark influences of living under dictatorships as these regimes bring sorrow upon the population. Of the first three tracks, “The Final Curtain” gets the slight edge for being better in terms of the guitars. What has broken loose as a result of this album is some of the best guitar work and melody from this band in years. Whatever creativity may have been dormant has been released and brought out into the open where it is on display. I just wish I had gotten into the music of this band much earlier but what can be done now? We can only look back on this album and appreciate it for what it is which is a thrash metal album that if it was not the defining album of the decade it is one of the best of its kind. “X-treme Measures” is a song that stylistically is actually similar to something you will hear on Judas Priest’s Jugulator album as it is possible to notice the similarity in the guitar tone and sound.

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