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Review of the Album "Aggression" by Ukrainian Thrash Metal Band Surgical Invasion

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About the Band Surgical Invasion and Their Musical Influences

Surgical Invasion is a thrash metal band from the country of Ukraine. Yes you heard that right these guys are from Ukraine and they have origins going back to 2015 and they were at first known by the name of Overboard from 2015 through 2018 and they changed their name to Surgical Steel and released their debut album called Aggression on February 21, 2021. It is said that these guys are influenced by bands such as Slayer, Sodom, Violator, and other thrash metal bands. Depending upon the version, in addition to the seven songs on this album, these guys do cover songs of Sodom, Razor, and Motorhead. But for the purposes of this review, we will cover just the seven songs written by Surgical Invasion.

The Title Track May Be the Best Song in This Album

The first song of this album or long play is the title track "Aggression" which begins with a narration that history teaches us that wars get started when governments believe that the price of aggression is cheap. This is the one track that you may find yourself wanting to play multiple times because of the fast and catchy secondary riff after the slower first part. The songs focus on themes such as war, totalitarianism, and surgery as well. Hence, there’s a reason why this band’s name is Surgical Invasion.

"Aggression" Full Album With Cover Songs

Analysis of The Other Songs

“Red Terror” is a song that starts in a way that should easily remind listeners of its influence. That song is influenced by 1980s Metallica in the Ride the Lightning era. Then after that acoustic part, there is a repeating riff followed by a 3rd riff section that is more than likely influenced by Holy Moses. The next song “Nuclear Death” begins with a countdown of 10 to 1, similar to when a space shuttle is about to be launched. The song is lyrically about a scenario in which the effects of nuclear war are coming as the people escape. The bass guitar especially in this song is pretty darn solid! Then we have the impressive bass filled song “Never.” No this is not the Annihilator song from the album Remains. This song called “Never” by Surgical invasion is all about what happens when there is a situation where killing is rampant. Then there is a very good short interlude as well. “Religion” is the next song in this album and lyrically it is about the effects of war caused by the rise of religion. I notice also a slight Exodus influence by the guitar riffing and bass line. “In Our Memories” is a song that lyrically says that even if a brave soldier is killed in battle, they never die but live on forever in the memories of those that survive.

The only con perhaps for this album is that the vocals aren’t always easy to understand but other than that, this album is good modern thrash metal with an excellent bass line technique in the songs.

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