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Review of Witch House

Doug fancies himself the next Edgar Allan, with his short horror fiction. He contributes to the first edition of “The 100 Voices Anthology



Witch House

Witch House is a 1999 horror movie made by Full Moon. The acting is amateur but it is a movie with some fun ideas. The plot revolves a group of college students that party in a mansion and conjure a demon witch on Halloween night.

The movie is full of stock characters, cheerleader, dumb jock, the brain and the stoner. It takes around thirty minutes before anything really happens. The occult dialogue is interesting. The idea of left handedness being a servant of the devil intrigued this southpaw.

Elizabeth is the party hostess. She is the one that invites everyone to her Halloween party. Plot twist, turns out all the guests are relatives of the witch hunters that burned Lillith at the stake. Elizabeth is Lillith's relative and summons the guests to exact revenge against the ancestors of the witch hunters.

There is a love story between Applied Science major, Jack, and Jennifer that had a certain charm. With such vapid couples, it was nice to see two intelligent characters hit it off in a socially awkward way.

The saddest death in the film was punk rock chick, Janet. She is the type of character that usually dies in a horror film, snarky, juvie past. She shows she is a fighter when she punches the demon and locks her in the room. She helps survivors, Jack and Jennifer survive.

The demon herself is creepy. Her makeup, creepy voice and slow, gliding levitation is unsettling. Lillith is totally evil, indulging in human sacrifice, drugs, alcohol and sex. She is Hellbent for revenge and will stop at nothing to get it.

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Elizabeth is a mysterious character. We learn more about her true intentions as the film goes on. The movie starts with the murder of a couple at the beginning. This tone setting kill deserves props for not placing this tragedy years before the movie, instead lets the group figure, ''they just didn't come to the party."

Witch House is not a good movie. The special effects are cheezy, the acting is laughable but there is a weird charm to the film. The movie is truly plot driven. It is something that only the horror genre can make work. The occult and strange occult/ demon and witch talk is so foreign to most people that it compels the viewer to keep watching.

Horror is the only genre that is simultaneously punk and puritanical all at once. This movie is unapologetically its own thing, funny, cheezy and creepy. Janet makes a statement that you can be quirky, edgy, a bit punk and have a troubled past and still be inherently good. The movie suffers after she dies.

Being an applied science major plays a part in Jack and Jennifer thwarting the demon. This enrages Elizabeth and they have to kill her, too. The movie is rated 3.9 out of ten. The acting is a half star but the plot is 7 and a half stars out of ten. Better actors are desperately needed.

The movie feels like an homage to House on Haunted Hill and Night of the Demons, by the house guest having sinister motives for calling the group to their place for a party on Halloween. The characters being stalk cuts down on the empathty factor but the movie does have that feeling of wanting to get the Heck as far away from the demons when they arrive.

Maria's dissertation on handedness plays with the notion of handedness playing into morality. Are we southpaws born ba or is the handedness merely something superstitious people placed on us because they misunderstand us? Full Moon has a way of legitimizing the supernatural, occult and mysticism, adding a credibility to their brand of fantastic horror. Witch House is no difference.

We're not all heroic and some people are better at surviving crazy situations than others and Witch House shows us that, from the stoner too high to think, to the fighter that's scrappier than intelligent, to the brain with no practical way to apply his intelligence to intelligent Jack and Jennifer which both apply their resourcefulness to their brains, helping them survive. We also get a hint of a potential romance blossoming after the chaos, sending the audience out on a semi positive note.

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