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Review of "Unhenged" the 57th Episode in the Cartoon Inspector Gadget

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A photo of the very famous Stonehenge, the main tourist attraction for the episode "Unhenged."

A photo of the very famous Stonehenge, the main tourist attraction for the episode "Unhenged."

What is the Episode "Unhenged" About?

Unhenged is the 57th episode of the cartoon series Inspector Gadget and once again, the hero Inspector Gadget is assigned to travel to England to investigate why a group of scientists working on a solar power project at Stonehenge have been kidnapped. The theme at the beginning of the episode is titled “Sophisticated Gadget.”

The Episode "Unhenged" is Set in the Area of England Known as Stonehenge

On his way to the place called Stonehenge, Inspector Gadget meets a Scottish agent named Pete but Gadget does not know that Pete is an agent working for Dr. Claw. Pete tries to trap Gadget in the mud and then manages to steal his Gadget mobile. How does Inspector Gadget get to town without the use of his car? Fortunately, his loyal dog Brain who traveled with him to England was there with a bicycle which Gadget uses to get to the main town area. The agents of Dr. Claw are after a famous solar scientist named Dr. Flashpan whom they want to use in order to help build a massive heat canon for their plot. I’ll let viewers read about what that plot is. These agents are dressed up as druids and they then kidnap Dr. Flashpan after he leaves the tavern. Penny is at Stonehenge investigating when she gets captured and tied up. She contacts Brain who manages to help free her by using a very creative strategy. He sees shaving cream that is inside of a tent. He uses this shaving cream to disguise himself as a “mad dog” and he is then able to scare away Pete and his agents. However, even after Penny and Brain try to escape, they are still spotted by Pete and the druids who realize that they have been tricked.

Memorable Quotes from the Episode "Unhenged" and analysis of them

“Go, go Gadget toothbrush. Uh, no, no Gadget toothbrush!”

In this scene, Inspector Gadget has just woken up and he is in his hotel room. He is getting ready in the morning to resume his mission. However, as usual, his gadgets malfunction and he ends up activating his Gadget copter instead.

“I know it rains in England but snow in the summer?”

Inspector Gadget says this after the agent Pete tries to get rid of him and fails to do so. The Inspector sees feathers on the bed and mistakes them for snow.

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Analysis and Final Thoughts About the Episode "Unhenged"

Meanwhile, the scientists that have been kidnapped are tricked into thinking that they are working on a secret government project. Inspector Gadget is tied up once he reaches the area where Pete and the other agents are working. Dr. Claw’s plan is to put an end to the Tower of London using the heat ray. Penny realizes this and she quickly overrides Dr. Claw’s controls bringing the entire weapon crashing to the ground. And as usual, Inspector Gadget thinks that Brain is an agent of Dr. Claw and he is chasing him around. The Chief congratulates his top agent for restoring world peace and security.

Although Unhenged is an interesting episode, it is still not as good as The Infiltration. The reason: it is because the Infiltration is slightly more exciting and there is the character of Presto-Change-O who has the special power of transforming himself into any person. This is actually the second episode of the series in which the Inspector’s niece Penny is seen wearing a bikini. The first such instance in the series was way back in one of the earlier episodes called Volcano Island but this episode is far better than that one. The beginning of the episode is rather interesting because the entire Gadget family is having fun during a summer day in Metro City when Chief Quimby gives the Inspector a call. The Chief is hiding in one of the bathroom’s medicine cabinets. That makes it even more interesting because you wonder how the Chief got himself into such a tight space.

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