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Review of "Mezmerize" by American Nu Metal Band System of a Down

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Mezmerize is One Part of a Double Album

American nu metal band System of a Down released a double album in 2005 known as Mezmerize and Hypnotize. However for the purposes of this review we will only be reviewing Mezmerize which will be over fast from a musical perspective because of the fact that it is just over 36 minutes long.

Photo of the Famous Hand That We Saw on System of a Down's Debut Album

The photo that you see here was made famous because this hand image was on the cover of the band's debut album also called System of a Down.

The photo that you see here was made famous because this hand image was on the cover of the band's debut album also called System of a Down.

Mezmerize Starts With a Very Important Pair of Songs

After the short guitar and vocal track "Soldier Side," the heaviness of the band is present with the song "B.Y.O.B." The song was written to being attention to the fact that the US government always sends the people from the poorest families to other countries to fight wars. Why do the poor always keep on being sent off to war? The US is not supposed to be a fascist nation and we should not keep on sending National Guard troops to other countries so that they can fight to expand the military industrial complex. The band makes a great point in the song. Presidents don’t send their own family members off to fight wars and they send other people’s family members overseas to fight wars for oil and global domination. Although the song mentions that everyone is going to a party to have a good time, there is really no party involved when there is a war going on. This second song may feel like a cheesy attempt at nu-metal by this band and if you feel that way, it isn’t surprising. .


Mezmerize: Songs 5-11 Including Old School Hollywood

"Radio/Video" is a humorous song about someone who is excited to be on the radio. The song slows down considerably later on with Daron’s vocals in the mix and it sounds kind of like the beat of traditional Armenian music as the repetitive singing goes on. Then comes a song with a really long title that I think is pretty sub-standard. Then the song called "Violent Pornography" is a song trying to bring attention the potential dangers of pornography and girls that are sodomized. There is so much negative news stories and so much abuse that happens to these girls that the band had to write a song like this to raise awareness about these problems. The song "Old School Hollywood" was written after Daron Malakian took part in a celebrity baseball game that was done as a charitable event. "Sad Statue" is a song about what happens when we don’t forgive the injustices that occur in society and it can also be seen as a sort of bad sacrifice. We would rather be on the right side of history so we must try to what we can to make this country better for our citizens.

"Old School Hollywood"


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Why are System of a Down So Much More Than a Heavy Metal Band?

Overall, Mezmerize is a good album but there are too many average songs in it for the album to be an elite album. The strongest songs in the album are B.Y.O.B., Cigaro, and Old School Hollywood. The album gets no more than 78 points out of 100, thus making the album the weakest in the history of the band. In spite of that, I am so thankful for System of a Down because they are more than just a heavy metal band. They are a group of brave men that spent their time, effort, and energy to create songs that will make people around the world aware of what we must do to make sure that unnecessary wars are not started for oil profits and that we must do our part to say that we deserve better as a country. This musical group has also shown me that they are one of the real bright spots of the United States at a time when the future of this country is uncertain for so many people. Even if this album is the weakest in the career of System of a Down, the lyrics of this band must give us hope for a better tomorrow even if it does not seem that the world will get better. We have to be the people to strive to facilitate better change in our country and world.

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