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A Review of Hillary's America by Dinesh D'Souza

Tamara Wilhite is an engineer, scifi author and fan and periodically reviews books.


“Hillary’s America” is the 2016 movie and book by Dinesh D’Souza. In this review of “Hillary’s America”, we’ll look at the strengths and weaknesses of both the movie and the book that came out in time for the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

We'll also discuss what the movie and book address.

The Neglected Heroes D’Souza Brings to Light

Ida B. Hayes is a name that should be held up as a civil rights activist and feminist, but because she was a black Republican reporting and trying to stop the lynching by the Democrat KKK, she doesn’t fit today’s narrative. If you read about Ida B. Hayes, you don’t read about her denouncing a Democrat president for rolling out segregation in federal agencies in the name of fairness and various groups feeling comfortable. You only read about her reporting on the lynchings and challenging the KKK.

I’m familiar with Dr. Walter Williams, a black economist routinely smeared by the left for criticizing affirmative action and the negative impact on black employment Democrat policies like a higher minimum wage cause. Nearly everyone has seen Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas shredded by the left because he’s not a Democrat. A successful black man is demonized as a race traitor, because the racist Democrats have tied being a Democrat to the black identity. One woman who has had the courage to stand by the truth is Carol Swain, a Vanderbilt University political science and law professor. She’s actually attacked as racist and accused of discriminatory practices by not being racist and openly discussing affirmative action, the Democratic roots of Jim Crow laws and the KKK, and criticism of political correctness.

The Hidden History of the Democratic Party

Did you know that the Democrat party was in favor of slavery from its inception? Did you know that northern Democrats supported slavery as much as the southern ones? Dinesh D’Souza’s movie and book discuss these matters, featuring re-enactments of famous speeches by historical people like Davy Crockett.

Republicans are smeared as racist, but the Democrats were racist from the beginning. The KKK was founded by Democrats. And while their murders of blacks are well known, the fact that they killed over a thousand white Republicans isn’t. Nor was the fact that after Reconstruction ended, Democrats were the ones that rolled back the civil rights Republicans gave to blacks. The Civil Rights Acts of the 1960s only restored the rights blacks had a century prior, passed by mostly Republican votes in the House and Senate, because blacks had become a voting majority in several key states.

Democrats have successfully demonized Republicans as racist, saying that all the racist Democrats converted to Republican in the 1980s under Ronald Reagan. In reality, fewer than 1% of Democrats at any level became Republican, and the most vitriolic racists – like Senator Byrd and some redneck southern Democrats – are securely members of the left-wing.

The economic value of racist views by Democrats is shown in several historical contexts. Andrew Jackson pushed Native Americans off their land to reservations west so his supporters could get it at a steep discount.

Margret Sanger is celebrated as a hero of women’s rights, their freedom to choose and exercise reproductive freedom. You don’t read about how she favored force abortions of the “undesirable”, forced sterilizations of inferior people, and that she considered blacks to be inferior people. Aside from the niece of Martin Luther King, we rarely hear about the racism of Planned Parenthood today evidenced in the fact that most of their clinics are in minority-majority neighborhoods.

Liberals neglect to teach students that slavery was a universal institution until white Christians in the West started to fight it, and that other groups had slaves, including blacks owning blacks.

Liberals neglect to teach students that slavery was a universal institution until white Christians in the West started to fight it, and that other groups had slaves, including blacks owning blacks.

The History of Hillary Clinton

Did you know that Hillary Clinton was a teenaged protégé to Saul Alinsky, author of “Rules for Radicals”? She wrote her master’s thesis about him, while pairing up with natural politician Bill Clinton and putting his tactics into work.

The facts about her history of corruption dating back to the 1980s is detailed in the movie, the corruption in the Clinton Whitehouse of the 1990s to the abuse of power and outright bribery through the Clinton Foundation are laid bare. Give the Clinton Foundation millions in donations, get State Department approval for deals that they didn’t authorize before. Pay Bill Clinton $100,000 for a fifteen minute speech, receive approval for something that the State Department didn’t previously allow.

The greatest irony is her supposed defense of women, when the movie plays the clips of the women who accused Bill Clinton of raping them or molesting them, juxtaposed to Hillary Clinton’s ads that every woman has a right to be believed. That’s on top of the recordings of her laughing about smearing a teenaged rape victim to get her client, a child rapist, off. The book “Hillary’s America” goes into greater detail in the movie about Hillary being Bill’s fixer, keeping him in line by keeping him out of trouble.

Understanding the Democratic System, the Democrat Plantation

Dinesh D’Souza’s book and movie “Hillary’s America” is one of the finest and simplest explanations of the “Democrat plantation”. Both blacks moving to the inner city and new immigrants were moved into ghettoes by welcoming committees, helped to find jobs as low cost labor for various politically connected individuals, and in return, forced to vote Democrat. It was the city machine that relied on their votes and their physical labor to run, like the purely Democratic labor unions. That’s the reason Democrats kept people “on the plantation”, to keep their political support and their votes. So you get the constant fear mongering that Republicans want to put blacks in chains and bring back slavery, since such extreme fear keeps people dependent on the people who need them dependent.

The other way they are kept dependent today is welfare, where they are given just enough to get by and survive but the benefits cut off well before they’d be middle class and consider voting Republican. Poverty programs are thus designed to keep people dependent, unable to transition from working part time or living on the dole to not needing the assistance. Earn one dollar more than a set amount, lose your apartment or subsidized childcare, so you stop working for the year or turn down the wage, never doing better because you’ll lose everything if you start to move up the ladder.

The culture of dependence is why Democrats push to expand welfare programs to the middle class, such as health insurance subsidies for those who make several times the poverty level. If there’s a financial incentive to vote for them, they probably have your vote.

The legal immigration system that prefers people from poor socialist nations and therefore automatically vote Democrat while seeing welfare as an attractive reason to come is another variation of this theme – import people who will readily become dependent and support your policies because of their existing political views and support you more because of the financial incentives to do so. And you see the Democrat plantation system implemented with legal and illegal immigrants with critics of illegal immigration smeared as evil racists, that those opposing mass violations of immigration law, tax law and identity theft really just hate Hispanics. This is on top of the false narrative that Republicans want to kick all Hispanics out of the country. But teaching such fear of Republicans to Hispanics keeps them voting for Democrats.

The General Pros of the Hillary’s America

The Hillary’s America movie has the best cinematography of any of Dinesh D’Souza’s movies. The historical re-enactments are moving. And you learn about people that modern day history overlooks because they don’t fit today’s political narratives, the fancy way term for PR campaigns for political groups.

It addresses every major allegation with clear and concise evidence. The movie uses footage from news stories and interviews, while the book references every source.

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The graphical explanations are easy to understand, as well as the sources of the information well explained.

The General Cons of Hillary’s America

The sections of Dinesh sneaking around various venues became over-long and repetitive towards the end.

The movie came out too late to include FBI Director Comey’s report that Hillary Clinton disregarded information security guidelines for her convenience (and keep emails from being subpoenaed), as well as the outright corruption of her husband meeting with the Attorney General while she was being questioned by the FBI.

The description of the Democratic long game as a con isn’t quite correct, though the comparison is understandable. The goal is total control of the economy and society, not generic theft. The financial benefits are secondary to the desire to control others.

"Hillary's America" is by definition intended to prevent Clinton's election to the White House, though Wikileaks and Project Veritas had more impact in that regard. While Hillary's America is a good historical biopic, if you want a more general political book by D'Souza, "America, Imagine the World Without Her" is a better choice.

Cover of America, Imagine the World Without Her

Cover of America, Imagine the World Without Her


Tamara Wilhite (author) from Fort Worth, Texas on October 19, 2017:

Ken Burgess You're right that much of it is due to Clinton's policies and Democrats' policies in general.

Ken Burgess from Florida on October 12, 2016:

While I am sure it was thought provoking and informative, a history of the Democratic Party should have been minimalized, while the Clintons should have been more thoroughly explored.

What were the consequences of the Bills they helped become law in the 90s... the deregulation, the community reinvestment act of '94, how did they impact America's economy, job growth, and wages in the years since?

What are the impacts for tomorrow when someone who is beholden to Wall St., China, Saudi Arabia, and powerful international corporations becomes the next President... what will occur when TPP, TTiP, WTO and other detrimental Bills that become laws strip away what is left of America's sovereignty and national independence?

Why is it that people in 2016 make less money doing the same jobs that were done in 1996? How much of that is attributable to the Clinton's policies and politics?

So much to expose... there was no need for a history lesson on the Democrat Party, explaining what the Clinton's have supported in the past, and the irreparable damage it has done to hundreds of millions of Americans, and where they would take us from here, would be plenty. from upstate, NY on August 11, 2016:

"Democrats have successfully demonized Republicans as racist, saying that all the racist Democrats converted to Republican in the 1980s under Ronald Reagan. In reality, fewer than 1% of Democrats at any level became Republican, and the most vitriolic racists – like Senator Byrd and some redneck southern Democrats – are securely members of the left-wing."

I'd like to explore these claims in more depth, no doubt they're on balance true. If we can frame are argument effectively we could use the Liberals own weapons against them!

Jo Miller from Tennessee on August 02, 2016:

Some of your information about the historical Democratic Party are correct. The South was Democratic following the Civil War. Many, no doubt, were members of the KKK. But as a life long Southerner and political junkie, I watched this change, gradually and surely, beginning with the Civil Rights movement and continuing with each election. This year it has reached its peak.

When I was growing up, my family here in the South were Republicans. I was always proud of the heritage of our party. But, when the party changed, beginning in the 1960s, I changed my party affiliation.

Jack Lee from Yorktown NY on August 01, 2016:

Thanks for the excellent review. I plan to see it and I am a big fan of Mr. D' Souza. With regard to the Clinton's many scandals of the 1990s. The one that came to mind is the missing 900 FBI files called Filegate.

I can't help to think who and what were in those files...

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