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Review of "Thy Kingdom Gone" by German Gothic Metal Band Flowing Tears

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A Little Bit About the Band Flowing Tears and How They Looked in 2008

German Gothic metal and rock band Flowing Tears took a while to release their final album. That album was called Thy Kingdom Gone and was released in 2008. For this album, they had a new bassist, David Vogt (originally David Kiefer). David is married to vocalist Helen Vogt. That was the only lineup change for this album.

As great as 2004’s Razorbliss was, I am already very impressed even though I had not listened to the album in its entirety when I first began reviewing it. This album is more melodic than the mentioned 2004 album.

How Is Thy Kingdom Gone Different From Razorbliss?

One example of this is the song called "Miss Fortune." There is much piano playing, and I sense a part in the guitar work that the band called The Gathering would incorporate into their songs.

"Colossal Shaped Despair" is about the impending decline of the world as faith in humanity is lost. It can be very hard to have faith in humanity when there are so many humans that take advantage of others, lie, cheat, or steal to achieve their objectives. But sometimes, faith is what has the power to turn a person's life around. After some deep chanting vocals by Helen, the song slows down and ends.

"Kismet" features a softer side to the voice of Helen Vogt. Variety, especially in the case of this band, helps because then listeners will see that this is not a generic Gothic rock band. Kismet also has some Paradise-Lost-influenced guitar playing in it. "For My Enemies" is a different kind of song because Helen sounds like she is whispering, and she even lets out a death metal growl in this song.

Thy Kingdom Gone Is Different From Razorbliss, But It Is Still Good

Thy Kingdom Gone may be different in style compared to Razorbliss, but it does not match that album in terms of greatness. The vocal power of Helen that we heard on the song Razorbliss does exist on this album, but the greatness of that title track cannot be underestimated. Also, Thy Kingdom Gone does not have as good or catchy songs as "Snakes of Grey" or "Undying." Razorbliss was the band's peak, but this one is pretty darn good as well.

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Flowing Tears Discography

I wrote this list in honor of Flowing Tears having ended their career.

Album TitleYear Released







Thy Kingdom Gone


How Is the Beginning of the Album?

"Orchidfire" has piano parts similar to what Amorphis used in the first song of the Tales from the Thousand Lakes album. The song speeds up to provide some contrast.

"Pain Has Taken Over" reminds me a little bit of what Lullacry would do in their earlier albums as they used melody that was similar. We hear a melodic guitar interlude in this song, something that was not really present in their previous album.

"Rain of a Thousand Years" is about a relationship that ended, and there is no return for the couples because they are lacking something, more like a good "night" to turn things around in the right direction. Because as the song says, "only the night can save; we were lost before the start."

"Grey" is the first song that I heard from this album, and the power of Helen's voice caught my attention within a short time. It seems four years really made a difference as she probably worked on her voice to put some power into it.

Final Thoughts on the Album Thy Kingdom Gone

After a first full listen of Thy Kingdom Gone, this writer says that the album is a solid work but still falls short of matching Razorbliss. Even so, it is one of Flowing Tears’ better albums.

This would be the last album for this German band because they would break up in 2013 after almost two decades together as a band. Lullacry would soon follow, breaking up in 2014. I hope that Helen Vogt returns to the music business later on because she has talent that she should use. If the album were to get a final score, we would probably give it an 85 out of 100 points.


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