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Review of Euphoria Season 1 (2019 American TV Series)

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Euphoria Season 1 (2019 American TV Series) logo

Euphoria Season 1 (2019 American TV Series) logo

I love Euphoria!! That show is awesome! I have watched it over and over again multiple times.

I felt that the TV show was just exemplary. All the characters played out their roles as expected and my favorite part was when Rue and Jules were together. I just loved that romance. It’s so sweet. And I must add that the music throughout the show is superb.

The only downside to Euphoria is that it's hard to watch the show all through without having to close your eyes or skipping some parts.

All in all, Euphoria is not a program for immature audiences.

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Rue in Rehab

Rue in Rehab

Cast Members

1. Zendaya Coleman as Rue Bennet

2. Hunter Schafer as Jules Vaughn

3. Maude Apatow as Lexi Howard

4. Angus Cloud as Fezco (Fez)

5. Eric Dane as Cal Jacobs

6. Alexa Demie as Maddy Perez

7. Jacob Elordi as Nate Jacobs

8. Barbie Ferreira as Kat Hernandez

9. Nika King as Lesli Bennet (Rue’s mom)

10. Storm Reid as Gia Bennet (Rue’s sister)

11. Algee Smith as Christopher McKay

12. Sydney Sweeney as Cassie Howard

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13. Austin Abrams as Ethan

14. Tyler and Tristan Timmons as Roy and Troy Mckay

15. Colman Domingo as Ali

16. Keean Johnson as Daniel

17. Lukas Gage as Tyler Clarkson

18. Javon Walton as Ashtray (Fezco’s younger brother).

19. Alanna Ubach as Suze Howard (Cassie’s and Lexi’s mom)

20. Mercedes Colon as Kat's mom

21. Meeko as Mouse

22. Jeremiah Birkett as Principal Hayes

Here’s a summary of every episode.

Episode 1: Pilot

Rue is born three days after 911. After a few years, she’s diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and possibly bipolar disorder. As a result, she starts to take pills at a very young age.

At age 17, Rue has an addition problem and spends a whole summer in rehab. Her mom and sister come to pick her up from the rehab center and as they drive home, Rue sees Jules for the first time.

Fezco, Rue’s dealer, believes that Rue and Jules will get along perfectly. Jules is a transgender girl, who’s moved to the neighborhood with her dad.

(To be honest, the first time I watched the show I didn’t know Jules is trans-feminine. The whole time I assumed she’s an actual girl. But for all fairness, where I come from, terms like transgender are not common. I found out she’s transgender after reading an online review of the show.)

In the first episode we also see other characters including Nate, McKay, Maddy, Kat, Lexi and Cassie. McKay and Cassie are dating each other.

Rue has no plans of staying sober after rehab. When her mom wants to test her, Rue runs to Lexi’s house to borrow her urine.

Despite her addiction, Rue is very upset that her sister was the one who found her lying motionless on the floor due to an overdose.

Jules has a one-night stand with Cal after lying she’s 22 years old. If you haven’t watched Euphoria, be warned about that part. It’s very disturbing.

Later on, Jules heads on over to McKay’s party, and that’s where she meets Nate and Rue for the first time. Nate is in a bad mood after his on-and-off girlfriend, Maddie, hooks up with a college student (Tyler) in McKay’s pool. He harasses Jules, but she cuts her arm to scare him off. That action impresses Rue, who falls in love with Jules instantly. The two girls go off together to Jules house.

At the end of the episode we find out that Cal is Nate’s dad.


Episode 2: Stuntin’ Like My Daddy

Here, we see Nate as young boy who discovers his dad’s adult content collection. He learns that his dad is gay and that leads him to question his own sense of self. Nonetheless, Nate loves Maddie and all he wants to do is to protect her.

Rue and Jules are in school, and Rue is afraid that people will question her about her overdose.

Kat meets Ethan, a new classmate, and they become friends.

In one of the classes, the teacher tells Rue to share to the class about her summer. Rue is unable to share her story because it hurts too much. All she can remember is being at the hospital after overdosing and her conflict with her mom about the negative behaviour.

She runs off to the bathroom after some of her classmates make fun of her. Lexi tries to comfort her but Rue turns her away.

In the meantime, Nate is spying on Tyler because he wants to avert revenge on him for making out with Maddie.

The next scene takes us to a support group meeting where Ali is talking to the audience. Rue is listening, and we’re shown how she got high for the first time at age 13 while taking care of her cancer-stricken dad. After the meeting, Rue blackmails the supervisor to sign her attendance sheet.

Jules is on a dating app chatting with ShyGuy118.

In the first episode Kat made an adult tape with a guy from St. Mary’s. On the second episode, the tape is shared throughout the school, but Kat uses clever tactics to deny she’s the girl on the video.

Rue and Jules are riding bikes together and having fun. At this point, Rue has clearly fallen for Jules because she wants her to come for dinner at her home. The weather changes from sunny to rainy all of a sudden after Jules rides off and Rue is left alone feeling like a loser.

Rue goes to Fezco’s house for a change of clothes and drugs. However, Fezco’s supplier (Mouse) comes to the house and administers a hard drug to Rue. She blacks out and Fez takes her to Jules’ house.

Nate goes over to Tyler’s house and abuses him brutally. (The scene is not for the lighthearted. So, I’d advise skipping that part). Later on, Nate’s picks up Maddie and they hang out at the bowling alley.

At the end of the episode we find out that ShyGuy118 is Nate.

Jules (left) and Rue (right)

Jules (left) and Rue (right)

Episode 3: Made You Look

The third episode revolves around Kat. We see how she dated Daniel in her younger years. However, during a vacation getaway Kat gains weight and Daniel breaks up with her. From that point she becomes insecure about her appearance.

In high school, she becomes a prolific writer on Tumblr. But things in her real life aren’t going all that great due to her body image issues. However, after her tape earns numerous likes and comments online, Kat decides to take advantage of the opportunity to shoot more content.

Rue arrives home after disappearing for 16 hours due to the Mouse incident. Her mom is very upset and tests her system. At the support group meeting, Rue lies that she’s been sober for 60 days.

Later on we learn that Jules has started to fall in love with ShyGuy118 from the dating app. However, she doesn’t know he’s Nate. Jules shows Rue ShyGuy118’s sensitive body picture and from there we’re given a whole tutorial on certain images. Jules then asks Rue to take sensitive pictures of her and Rue tries very hard to hide her excitement.

Kat is having an issue with her finances, but she soon discovers that she can earn money from her online videos.

Ali calls Rue out on her lie about being sober for 60 days and they become buddies.

Maddie goes through Nate’s phone and is shocked to see photos of male private parts. She starts to question his sexuality.

Kat has started to earn money from her online videos. She decides to do a whole makeover and now looks more confident.

Jules tells Rue that she’ll meet ShyGuy118 after the carnival, but Rue fears for her safety. They get into an argument and Jules goes away. After school, Rue goes to Jules house and they make up. But as they hug, Rue kisses Jules.

Feeling upset with her action, Rue goes over to Fez’s house to get intoxicating substances, but the dealer turns her down. Fez no longer wants to provide Rue with the substances after the Mouse ordeal. With no other option left, Rue decides to call Ali.

Episode 4: Shook One Pt. II

The episode starts with Jules as a young boy. Her mom takes her to a psychiatric hospital for kids. Jules gets better eventually and goes home. By 13 years of years she started to transition from male to female and by 16 she had been involved in multiple relationships with multiple men.

Rue meets up with Ali at a diner. She comes to him for advice after she kissed Jules. Through Ali we see that Rue is obsessed with Jules. He feels that the relationship between the two girls will not last.

The two girls meet up at the carnival and choose not to talk about the awkward incident. Later on, Jules learns that Cal is Nate’s dad. Cal Jacobs owns almost half the town and fears that Jules might report him to the authorities.

After having an argument with their boyfriends, Cassie and Maddie decide to take some Molly. Maddie confronts Nate’s family because they believe she’s not the right girl for him. Nate attempts to strangle her, which leaves marks on the girl’s neck.

Jules meets up with ShyGuy118 after the carnival and is surprised to learn he is Nate Jacobs. Nate blackmail’s Jules with the revealing photos she sent him. He does so to prevent her from telling the cops about his dad.

Jules goes to Rue’s house, but doesn’t tell her about the ordeal. The episode ends with the two of them kissing.

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Episode 5: ’03 Bonnie and Clyde

Episode five takes us to Maddie as a young girl. She started participating in beauty pageants at an early age and she knew she was meant to become great. However, her dreams came to a halt after her mom took her off the pageants because of a 50-year old child molester.

Rue and Jules are now in a relationship “kind of” and they decide to get matching tattoos.

After Maddie faints in class, she’s taken to the paramedics, who see her neck bruises. Her mom decides to press charges against Nate.

Kat comes to the conclusion that “There’s nothing more powerful than a fat girl who doesn’t give a fuck”. She makes out with a store clerk.

Rue says that there’s nothing Jules could ever do to make her upset. Later on at the support group meeting, she confesses she lied about her sobriety and says she’s met someone who is motivating her. However, Jules is starting to feel overwhelmed by Rue’s dependence on her.

Cal meets up with a male prostitute at a motel. After he leaves, Nate and Maddie meet up at the same hotel.

Episode 6: The Next Episode

Here, we see McKay as a young boy getting trained by his dad in football. He becomes proficient at the sport and gets recruited to play at the state college. However, at college, he learns that everybody on the team is just as talented if not better. He loves Cassie, but their relationship is filled with ups and downs.

Rue goes with Jules to Daniel’s Halloween party but she feels sad because Jules is hiding something. Jules drinks excessively at the party and pulls Rue into a pool and kisses her.

Cassie dances with Daniel, who has a crush on her. But when she refuses to sleep with him, he insults her. Feeling depressed, Cassie leaves the party. At home she discovers she’s pregnant with McKay’s child.

In the 5th episode we also see Nate blackmailing Jules and Tyler to say he didn’t assault Maddie. He coerces Jules into saying that Tyler assaulted Maddie, and tells Tyler to confess of the crime. That’s why Jules is on edge.

When Nate shows up at Daniel’s Halloween party, Jules is upset. Rue notices there’s something going on between them.

Episode 7: The Trials and Tribulations of Trying to Pee While Depressed

The start of the episode displays Cassie as a young girl. She loves to ice skate but her dad stops encouraging her after he’s unable to pay for the classes. The older she grows, the more beautiful she looks and everyone around her knows it. Her father leaves home after being unable to hold a steady job.

Rue is feeling depressed and lays in bed all day watching reality TV shows. In her depressive state, she feels weary about going to the bathroom. Additionally, Rue gets into a manic state and starts to investigate what’s going on between Jules and Nate.

Jules goes out of town to see a former school friend. While at her friend’s place she meets Anna and the two of them hook up. Jules feels that Anna reminds her of Rue.

Cassie tells McKay about the pregnancy but he tells her not to keep it. She decides to consult her mom about the matter.

Fezco threatens Nate to leave Jules and Rue alone or else he’ll shoot him. Nate calls the cops on Fezco as payback. Fezco and his little brother flash down their drug supply to avoid arrest.

After holding her pee for too long, Rue eventually gets a kidney infection.

Episode 8: And Salt the Earth behind You

Following her kidney infection, Rue is recovering at the hospital. I find it interesting how she says that she loves hospitals. Personally, hospitals are the last place I want to be.

Anyway, Jules comes to see her at the hospital and she feels happy. While preparing for prom at home, Jules tells Rue about Anna and what they did. It is clear that Rue feels jealous though she doesn’t say it.

For the first time, we see Rue, Jules, Maddie, Cassie, Lexi and Kat hanging out together. They are at prom talking about their issues with high school.

After the raid, Fezco has to find a way to find the money for the lost drugs to avoid trouble with Mouse. Therefore, he decides to steal money from Mouse’s supplier.

Nate shows up at prom with a new girl and this upsets Maddie. But later on, the two kiss and make up. Kat and Ethan also make up and run off together.

The episode also reveals that Cassie had an abortion.

Rue confronts Nate about what he did to Jules and threatens to tell the police about him and Cal. However, Nate is not shaken by that fact. We also see Nate having a fight with his dad.

Rue makes a suggestion to Jules for them to leave the town and go elsewhere. After that she kisses her deeply before they leave.

When they get to Jules house, Rue starts to have second thoughts. She becomes hesitant about leaving her mom and sister. At the train station, she refuses to enter the train even after Jules says she loves her. Jules leaves on her own, and Rue goes back home.

At this point, Rue relapses into her drug use. The episode ends with her singing.

Euphoria is simply amazing. I loved the cast, storyline and the songs throughout the show. I can’t wait for season 2!

© 2020 Alice Njambi

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