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Review of Episode Eight Season 2 of The Cartoon Inspector Gadget Called "the Incredible Shrinking Gadget"

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"The Incredible Shrinking Gadget" Marks the Return of a Notable Cartoon Character

The eighth episode of the second season of the cartoon Inspector Gadget is called The Incredible Shrinking Gadget and in this one, the main hero Inspector Gadget actually meets the scientist Professor Doomkauf even though the character had appeared in the previous episode called Gadget in Minimadness. Professor Doomkauf meets up with his boss, the nefarious Dr. Claw and demonstrates to him his latest secret invention which is a shrinking ray gun. This weapon when successful in reaching its target makes the target shrink. Dr. Claw then tells him that he would like to see Inspector Gadget in a cage before the day is over.

What is the Gadget Family Doing When Chief Quimby Calls Inspector Gadget?

Meanwhile the Gadget family is busy playing games at a bowling alley when the Inspector tells the family that he has to cut the game short. Chief Quimby informs Gadget that he must be aware at an invention convention because there is a MAD plot going on. This is the place where the Inspector finds out about Professor Doomkauf.

"The Incredible Shrinking Gadget" Is an Action Packed Episode

The professor tells him to step into a place that is like a phone booth because he would like Gadget to try his new battery charger. As soon as Gadget pushes the red button, Professor Doomkauf fires his ray gun, shrinking the size of the Inspector. Inspector Gadget does not know or realize that Professor Doomkauf is working for Dr. Claw and that he wants to shrink the Inspector so that he can be put into a mouse cage. The Professor follows Gadget to the family home and then manages to sneak up on the Inspector when the Inspector is sound asleep. He is able to shrink Inspector Gadget to an even smaller size until Gadget’s dog Brain realizes what is happening. Brain loosens the rope that Professor Doomkauf had used to climb up the rook of the Gadget house. The professor then loses his weapon and falls off the roof and he manages to get hit by one of those rays, shrinking him as well. At this point in the episode it becomes a battle between the Professor, Brain, and Inspector Gadget. Who is going to come up victorious this time?

Episode #73 Is Not Perfect However

Meanwhile, Corporal Capeman in this episode sees Brain as a nuisance and tells him to get out of the house. Due to a small malfunction in the ray gun, Inspector Gadget shrinks to an even smaller size and then wakes up. He then thinks that he has been captured by Dr. Claw and his agents. He thinks that the organization called M.A.D. is playing a dirty trick on him. The reality in the episode is that Inspector Gadget has been shrunk due to errors and malfunctions from Professor Doomkauf’s secret weapon. The Professor himself does not fare much better as he gets hit three times and becomes very small as well. The Professor knows by then that he must escape so he uses a toy jet that Penny has so he can escape. Note: Professor Doomkauf is one of the characters in the inspector Gadget cartoon series that does not get captured along with Dr. Spectrum. So in that sense, the series ended without them being brought to justice which can be considered a flaw for the series.

How Does Inspector Gadget Grow Back to Normal?

Meanwhile, Penny the person that usually does the best investigative work in the series is able to locate Professor Doomkauf’s laboratory and she finds the antidote so that she can eventually return her uncle to normal size. Upon returning to normal, the Inspector thinks that he got home from the city junk yard.

"The Incredible Shrinking Gadget" Full Episode

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How Does the Episode "The Incredible Shrinking Gadget" End?

When the Chief appears and congratulates him on the fact that he found the secret weapon, Gadget’s eyes get hypnotized and he accidentally makes the Chief smaller! The Incredible Shrinking Gadget is an episode that contains mystery, action, and back and forth challenges between the characters.

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