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Review of Episode 5 of the Cartoon Inspector Gadget Called "the Amazon"

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Brief Introduction to Episode 5 of the Cartoon Inspector Gadget

Original air date of Episode 5 The Amazon: September 15, 1983

Episode 5 of the cartoon Inspector Gadget called "The Amazon" is an episode in which the hero Inspector Gadget must save Professor Von Slickstein, a scientist that programmed all of the gadgets into his body.

Amazon Annie One of the Foes in the Episode The Amazon


The Mission for Inspector Gadget is to Save the Professor

But in the show’s early stages, Gadget is just getting to test his gadgets and skills. He gets a phone call from his boss Chief Quimby that requires him to be on duty 24 hours a day. Inspector Gadget ends up being in a sort of high speed chase with Dr. Claw who reveals that he has kidnapped Professor Von Slickstein and he intends to use the professor’s help to create an army of indestructible robots. These metal robots look exactly like Inspector Gadget!

The Funniest Part of the Episode The Amazon

The episode features a very funny part as the gorilla in pursuit of a banana goes up to the mind transfer machine created by Dr. Claw and he opens the door, throwing Inspector Gadget out of the machine. The brain intellect and impulses of the gorilla are transferred to these robots. The robots then begin to act like crazy gorillas and they ruin Dr. Claw’s plot for world domination. This would not have happened had it not been for the actions of Gadget’s niece Penny who tricks the gorilla into thinking that she is going to give him the banana. Instead, she tosses the banana into the building where it goes into the brain transfer machine itself.

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The reason why this part is so hilarious is because of the sound effects of the gorilla as he uses his strength to hurl the Inspector out of the machine!

Interesting Facts and Observations about the Episode The Amazon

  • Even though the setting for this episode is in South America, the building or headquarters that Dr. Claw has built looks like a building that would have been used by the Azteca and the Aztec Empire was in Mexico.
  • Even though Inspector Gadget is pursued by a gorilla in this episode, there are no apes in the Amazon.
  • This is one of the few times that Inspector Gadget actually recognizes Dr. Claw and his MAD mobile and he attempts to track him down during the episode’s beginning chase scene.
  • When Inspector Gadget encounters agent Amazon Annie in the jungle, this is the first time that viewers will see that he gets sort of love crazy. In the episode Movie Set which would be episode #13, he would fall head over heels in love with agent Lana Lamour even though both of these women are agents of Dr. Claw and they are ready to get rid of the Inspector.
  • This is the first time in the series that Inspector Gadget gets captured.

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