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Review and Analysis of Episode 45 of the Cartoon Inspector Gadget: Gadget Goes to a Gypsy Camp

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What is Episode 45 in the Cartoon Inspector Gadget About?

Episode 45 in the famous cartoon Inspector Gadget is about the main hero being assigned by his boss Chief Quimby to go to a gypsy camp in the fictional country of Romanovia because the royal seal of that kingdom has been stolen by agents of the cyborg Dr. Claw. Inspector Gadget must save the royal seal in time otherwise Dr. Claw will be crowned king. The title of this episode is called Prince of the Gypsies.

A Few Interesting Observations Made About Episode 45

In this episode, Inspector Gadget, Penny, and Brain are at a carnival where Inspector Gadget is able to win the grand prize due to his fast reflexes. In this episode, the Chief is disguised as a fortune teller.

How Does Dr. Claw Attempt to Stop Inspector Gadget?

Rather than giving readers a word by word synopsis about what happens in the episode, let's take the analytical approach and discuss how Dr. Claw and his agents attempt to stop Inspector Gadget from getting The Royal Seal of Romanovia. As the Inspector is on his way to the gypsy camp, he reaches a small house and he wonders why his Gadget radar has led him to arrive there. This is because Dr. Claw was somehow able to lure him to that house so that he could push Gadget into a trap. Dr. Claw's agents use a variety of tools to try and stop Inspector Gadget. These tools include a cannon, laughing gas, a device in a cup, a wild horse and lastly, a very strong wrestler that Inspector Gadget is forced to do battle with. But thanks to the help of his loyal dog Brain and circumstance, Inspector Gadget escapes harm.

In Episode 45, Inspector Gadget Has to Prove His Worth

In order for him to be truly recognized as worthy by the gypsies, Inspector Gadget is basically "forced" to try and pass a series of tests which include figuring out what cup a round ball is under, being able to ride a wild horse, and being able to prove what kind of physical stamina he has as he is being forced to wrestle. For those of you that recall, earlier in the series, Inspector Gadget was brought to a wrestling arena where he was forced to fight with sumo wrestlers in the episode called The Japanese Connection.

Episode #45

How Does the Royal Seal of Romanovia Get Returned to Its Rightful Place?

Penny with the help of her new friend Sonya eventually arrives at the gypsy camp and he is able to look for the seal using the powers of her watch. She locates a small trailer-like structure that contains a map of where that seal is buried. Penny beats Dr. Claw's agents by arriving to the seal's location before them! Penny seems to be a few steps ahead of everyone else and that's why I think that she is the smartest and most clever character in the series of Inspector Gadget. She hands the Royal Seal to Brain and tells him to hand the seal to her uncle. Meanwhile, Inspector Gadget is riding on his helicopter and pursuing Brain whom her thinks is an agent of Dr. Claw. That's pretty typical of this cartoon series but that's what makes the series kind of funny in a sense. The daughter of the head of the gypsies named Vespella and an agent of Dr. Claw bump into Brain as the seal goes in the air and knocks Inspector Gadget to the ground. It is in this manner that the Royal Seal of Romanovia is returned thus saving the kingdom of Romanovia and the career of King Woodlig, its king.

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