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Review of Episode 28 of the Cartoon Inspector Gadget Called "The Coo Coo Clock Caper"

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Introduction to Episode #28

Episode 28 of the famous cartoon Inspector Gadget is about the hero traveling to Switzerland with his niece Penny and the dog Brain. The Gadget family plans to go mountain climbing but they are not aware that an agent of the evil villain Dr. Claw is following them. The name of this episode is called The Coo Coo Clock Caper.

Original airing date of The Coo Coo Clock Caper: October 18, 1983

Episode Synopsis Part 1

Nonetheless, the three members of the Gadget family are slowly walking in the mountains when Inspector Gadget decides that he will attempt to walk up all the way to the mountain’s summit. Penny is obviously concerned about her uncle and he attempts to walk up the steep mountain but he instead starts to slip and slide creating a sort of mini avalanche. Penny and Brain attempt to help him by using a rope so that he will not fall over. Gadget ends up going over the far side of the mountain. Penny and Brain realize this and they go to seek help. Meanwhile, Inspector Gadget activates his Gadget coat and begins to fly slowly through the air. In an attempt to lighten his load, he ends up poking a hole in his coat and begins flying in the air at a fast pace. He is rescued by Chief Quimby who notifies him that his mission is to investigate the Swiss gold reserves.

Memorable Quote from "The Coo Coo Clock Caper"

“Now that’s service!”

Inspector Gadget says this when he sees Chief Quimby at the top of the mountain.

"The Coo Coo Clock Caper"

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Episode #28 Synopsis Continued

However, Inspector Gadget arrives at the Swiss gold reserves too late as the mayor of the city opens the vault and realizes that every ounce of gold has been stolen. Now the Inspector must find the whereabouts of the gold before Dr. Claw can use it for his plans to dominate the world with access to the entire Swiss gold reserves. Actually the Inspector’s main job is to protect and safeguard the gold.

The Coo Coo Clock Caper is an episode that has the character Clock Maker, the main henchman working for Dr. Claw who is assigned to get rid of Inspector Gadget. He gives the Inspector a watch that makes his gadgets go haywire at the start of every hour. After the Inspector comes to his clock factory and tells him that there is something wrong with his gadgets, Clock Maker takes him upstairs to the top floor of the factory and ties him up to the solid gold gears. However, all of the gears get smashed because of the gadget malfunction that happens and the entire clock factory is destroyed. The momentum of Clock Maker causes him to bump into the Inspector and they along with Brain are sent careening down to the bottom of the stairs. The Coo Coo Clock Caper is the last episode in the series that has Don Francks doing the voice of Dr. Claw.

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