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Review and Analysis of the Episode "Tree Guesses" in the Cartoon Inspector Gadget

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Main Synopsis for the Episode "Tree Guesses"

Tree Guesses is the 60th episode of the first season of the famous cartoon Inspector Gadget and in this episode, Inspector Gadget, Penny, and Brain are on vacation in Canada as they are visiting Thunderbird Park. Gadget’s boss Chief Quimby has assigned his top detective to go and discover what the reasons are for the trees that are being so rapidly destroyed. It turns out that the organization called M.A.D. and Dr. Claw have created a formula that is able to make wood rot very quickly. Dr. Claw is demanding a $1 billion ransom by the end of the day otherwise he will get rid of all the forests on Earth. The plan for this organization is to collect as much wood rot spray as possible but of course, they see Inspector Gadget as standing in the way of their plans. That is why Dr. Claw has enlisted two of his agents Pierre and Sven Svensson to make sure to get rid of Inspector Gadget. Note: these two characters are not related to each other. An attempt was made to leave out Pierre’s last name to make the article more readable.

Inspector Gadget Once Again Cannot Distinguish Between Allies and Foes

Inspector Gadget thinks that the cause of the wood rotting is due to termites! He also thinks that Pierre and Sven are his lumberjack friends. Gadget does not realize that Pierre and Sven use different strategies to try and eliminate him such as asking him to adjust the saw blade in the lumber mill or asking him to balance himself on the logs in the river.

"Tree Guesses" Full Episode

Penny Solves the Case Once Again for the Most Part

The main character that saves the day is once again Gadget’s niece Penny who goes to the lumber mill and finds out that there is an underground basement or bunker where a huge amount of the wood rot formula is stored. She even helps to save her uncle’s life when her uncle is stuck on a bridge that is slowly starting to rot because Pierre and Sven have sprayed the bridge with the wood rot solution. Penny uses her computer book in order to activate the claw from the Gadget Mobile.

In any case, Pierre sees that all of his efforts to dispose of the Inspector have failed so he resorts to using his axes of which he has so many of them. Gadget with his very good manual dexterity and reaction time is able to grab all of the axes before they hit the ground. This causes Pierre to start to flee because he thinks Gadget has become too much for him to handle. Pierre pretty much gives up on himself and starts to prepare to escape with Sven in the crop dusting plane. Penny sprays one of the trees to try and block the runway but the sprayer quits. In an act of good fortune or dumb luck, Gadget is pursuing Pierre when he crashes into a tree and the tree falls down preventing Pierre and Sven from escaping.

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