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Review and Analysis of the Episode "Photo Safari" in the Cartoon Inspector Gadget

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A Photo of Inspector Gadget and His Pet Dog Brain in the Jungles of Africa In the Episode "Photo Safari"

Inspector Gadget is near what he thinks is a vine but it is actually a snake.

Inspector Gadget is near what he thinks is a vine but it is actually a snake.

"Photo Safari" Episode Synopsis

“Photo Safari” is the 27th episode of the cartoon Inspector Gadget and it is the second episode that sees the character Inspector Gadget having to travel to Africa. But this time, he is in a jungle and a village and he has been assigned to find out why the villagers have been scared away. There are reports that wild animals are scaring away the villagers but as Gadget’s niece Penny finds out, it is actually the oil that drove the villagers away from their homes. This review is going to be somewhat different from some of the others that readers have seen. The role of main mastermind Dr. Claw is especially notable in this episode.

Where is Chief Quimby Hiding This Time?

Prior to the start of the mission, Inspector Gadget gets a call from Chief Quimby. This time, the Chief is seen hiding in a soft drink machine! The creators of Inspector Gadget knew how to be very creative and that’s why the show was so popular.

Dr. Claw Creates a Defective Airplane to Try and Dispose of Inspector Gadget But Gadget Gets to Africa Safely

Dr. Claw has a huge role in this episode because he works with his agents to create an old airplane that is fixed but it is especially customized so that Inspector Gadget does not even reach Africa. As the airplane slowly starts to fall apart and the propeller breaks off, Gadget’s niece Penny gets very concerned. Inspector Gadget tells her not to worry and uses his helicopter to try and control the airplane but that does not work. He then uses his Gadget coat and flaps his arms in the air. Eventually he uses his skis and he is able to bring himself, Penny and Brain to safety.

"Photo Safari"

Characters in the Episode Photo Safari Other Than the Main Ones

Jungle Bob -This man is an agent working for Dr. Claw who is sent to Africa to try and get access to the region’s vast oil reserves. He is also assigned to try and get rid of Inspector Gadget. Jungle Bob puts Penny and Brain in a cage by pressing a button on a control panel. He also attempts to eliminate Inspector Gadget by using The Black Devil.

The Black Devil -This is a metallic panther that is named The Black Devil but it is really not a devil in the literal sense. It is a panther that makes a loud, growling noise. It can also run very fast and it can jump very long distances. Later on in the episode as Penny and Brain are locked up in a cage, Penny uses the powers of her watch to reprogram the creature so that that the creature can help them get out of their predicament. Penny is from that moment forward able to control the panther and then she finally puts the panther out of commission. That’s another way of saying that she helps to destroy The Black Devil for good.

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Special Comment About the Episode Photo Safari

One special comment that we will make about this episode is that it is appropriately titled because in the episode, Inspector Gadget brings his camera along because he wants to take pictures and he tells his niece Penny that he wants to take photographs of the M.A.D. base.

Final Thoughts and Perspective on the Episode Photo Safari

The episode or a large portion of it involves Gadget being chased around the jungles of Africa and he thinks that Jungle Bob is his friend and spends all of his time looking for him. Photo Safari is the first episode since The Pharaoh’s Curse that sees Gadget travel to Africa.

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