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Review and Analysis of the Episode "Old Man of the Mountain" in the Cartoon Inspector Gadget

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Introduction to Old Man of the Mountain Which Was Supposed to be Named The Great Divide

Old Man of the Mountain is the 46th episode of the famous carton series Inspector Gadget. However, the title of the episode was supposed to be The Great Divide but there was a mix-up that caused the title of this episode to be named by mistake.

The Significance of the Episode and the Cartoon Inspector Gadget

"The Great Divide" would have been a more accurate title for this episode because the story is set in the Balkan Mountains where two villages are doing battle with each other. In any case, the episode is also one of those where there is something having to do with the human body and health. The creators of Inspector Gadget were very creative in this regard and although the cartoon was created a long time ago, there are valuable lessons to be learned. Young people watching this cartoon today can learn lots of valuable health and safety tips.

"Old Man of the Mountain" Full Episode

Goat's Milk in A Small Glass


"Old Man of the Mountain" A Brief Summary of the Episode

This time Dr. Claw calls on his top assistant Agent Gregor to get rid of Gadget. He uses a turnstile equipped with needles to try and get rid of him but Gadget uses his legs to hop over the object. But he thinks that someone is pushing to get in front of him. Agent Gregor is able to convince the old women of one of the villages that Inspector Gadget is a spy. The women then try to get rid of him through a variety of ways such as putting him in a hot oven and or throwing him into a bear pit. Fortunately, Inspector Gadget is able to get himself out of the bear pit by relying on his helicopter device as his head hits a tree and the bear is attacked by a horde of bees. Gadget was very lucky in this instance given how incompetent and clueless he usually is. While she is investigating the special powers of the ancient mountain goat, Gadget’s niece Penny discovers a basket of that energy giving yogurt on the ground and eats a spoonful of it. She remarks that it is strong stuff and she is able to break a stone! Agent Gregor tries to escape with the goat before the men and women of the villages discover that they have been betrayed. As soon as Agent Gregor is captured by the men and women of the two villages, Inspector Gadget is then seen as a hero and given a spoonful of that energy giving yogurt. Even as the Chief arrives to congratulate him, Gadget wants to dance and party because he has been so energized.

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Rating for the episode Old Man of the Mountain will be 90 out of 100 points for a solid A grade

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