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Review and Analysis of the Episode Called "the Ruby" in the Cartoon Inspector Gadget

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Introduction to the 10th Episode of Inspector Gadget

The Ruby which is the 10th episode in the cartoon Inspector Gadget marks the first time since the episode called The Amazon that the lovable, bumbling police inspector and his family take an international trip together. By this point, readers should be able to see that what follows is not a straight up summary of these episodes but why they are important. There is discussion about the plot in a way but critical analysis is also used as well. This episode is also the first time in the series that Inspector Gadget travels all the way to Asia to do an investigation. Actually, Inspector Gadget tells his niece Penny that he is going to India and that he needs help to pack his stuff. Penny and Brain somehow are able to end up in India to help out Gadget.

Inspector Gadget Gets Into Trouble In This Episode

In this episode, Inspector Gadget is assigned to travel to India to investigate the reasons why Dr. Claw has stolen a ruby to use it in a super laser. However, upon his arrival to India, Inspector Gadget gets himself into trouble by touching a cow. In India, the cow is a very sacred kind of animal. He also hits a statue of Shiva, causing him to be thrown into prison. But he does not stay there for long as he uses an elephant to get himself out of that jail cell.

Memorable Quotes from the Episode "The Ruby" and analysis of them

“I’ve heard of getting your foot in the door but this is ridiculous.”

This is the scene in which Inspector Gadget’s Gadget legs carry him too far and he ends up getting stuck in a wooden door.

“Gadget, what are you doing? (Chief Quimby speaking as he sees his top agent clinging onto the metal bar of the laser).

“Any questions before you go?”

“Just one. Who does your nails Chief?”

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Get going Gadget.”

In this scene, Chief Quimby is in an office style building and he is hiding in a statue when Inspector Gadget asks him this.

"The Ruby" Full Episode

"The Ruby" Episode Synopsis

The Ruby sees the return of Dr. Claw as he plans to use a ruby known as “Big Red” in order to destroy US communications satellites. A professor who works on the building of the laser gives a demonstration of what this powerful weapon can do.

On its first use, the laser narrowly misses Inspector Gadget, damaging a part of the bridge. Inspector Gadget thinks that this was the sound of thunder and that it must have been one of those sudden tropical storms which is a typical assumption by the Inspector in the series. The second shot from the laser lands right in front of the Inspector, ruining the bridge even further.

If there was ever a time when Inspector Gadget really needed the help of Penny and Brain, this episode clearly shows this. Dr. Claw uses a series of weapons to try and eliminate Inspector Gadget including:

  1. The Super Laser
  2. Four Bengal Tigers
  3. Robot Monks which tie him up
  4. Glue

None of these methods are successful in getting rid of Inspector Gadget as he stumbles along in his mission while his niece Penny makes it all the way to the laboratory. She notices that her uncle is al tied up as Dr. Claw begins making preparations to use the laser on him. Penny uses her computer book just in time by overriding the professor’s controls and putting one of the robot monks in the way, causing the shot from the laser to destroy the monk instead of Inspector Gadget. Even if this trip to India might have been dangerous for Penny to have been involved in, it was necessary for her to be there otherwise her uncle definitely would have met his demise for sure. Penny uses a fake ruby that Brain has and she replaces Big Red with that imitation ruby, thus the laser gets destroyed. Meanwhile, Inspector Gadget spent much time thinking that the laser is a telescope that requires money to use in order to see!

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