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Review and Analysis of the Episode "Birds of a Feather" in the Cartoon Inspector Gadget

Brief Synopsis of the Episode "Birds of a Feather"

Birds of a Feather is the 61st episode of the cartoon Inspector Gadget. This episode involves the hero Inspector Gadget being sent to Istanbul, Turkey to make sure that agents of the organization known as MAD do not steal a precious gemstone from an exhibition. This gemstone is known as the Star of Istanbul. The episode begins with Inspector Gadget trying to trim the bushes with his lasers. Penny tells him that the blue jays have built a nest up in one of the trees. Inspector Gadget bumps into Chief Quimby who happened to be hiding in a bush.

Dr. Claw’s main agent Icarus Finch Esquire or Mr. Finch for the sake of simplicity has four birds that are assisting him in his agenda. They are an Andean condor, a hummingbird, a falcon and a raven. The plan is for Dr. Claw to try and smuggle the museum’s most precious jewel out of the country.

How Does the Star of Istanbul Get Stolen?

However, due to Inspector Gadget’s clueless nature and inability to distinguish friend from foe, the birds belonging to agent Mr. Finch are able to steal the Star of Istanbul in spite of Brain’s best efforts to keep the jewel away from the birds. One interesting factor about this episode is the fact that although the security system inside of the museum where the stone is kept is very strong, the birds are able to steal the gem by using a very creative tactic.

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The Episode "Birds of a Feather" Conclusion and Final Analysis

How does Gadget’s loyal dog Brain get him to the tower by the harbor? He is disguised as usual and Gadget thinks that he is an agent working for Dr. Claw. Meanwhile, Inspector Gadget’s niece Penny gets into the tower to try and investigate when she is captured and put into a cage in the tower. Luckily, she can contact Brain via the powers of her magnetic watch. Brain hides himself in one of the big bags of bird food and one of the birds carries that bag into the tower so that’s how he is able to get in the tower. It is good that he does this otherwise getting into that tower guarded by these birds would have been much harder for him to do so. The episode is a decent one though not one of my favorites in this first season of the show. The episode shows a more positive side of Turkey through an animated perspective. As Mr. Finch is preparing to escape from the country with that gemstone, he trips over his pet bird and drops the jewel. Gadget asks him where he is going and tells him not to do it. He reaches with his arms, disconnects the jet pack and in goes Mr. Finch into the police van where he is arrested. In this episode it was luck or good fortune that allowed Gadget to solve this case. A common theme in many of these Inspector Gadget episodes is that Dr. Claw and his organization are focused on doing activities that involve the use of money.

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