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Review and Analysis of the Episode "All That Glitters" in the Cartoon Inspector Gadget

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A Brief Synopsis of the Episode "All That Glitters"

All That Glitters is the 12th episode of the famous cartoon series Inspector Gadget. Once again, the world’s first bionic policeman Inspector Gadget is sent by his boss Chief Quimby to Peru where he must investigate an ancient city of gold. This is the only episode where there is no spoken dialogue by the Chief. Gadget then meets an English archaeologist who happens to be working for Dr. Claw, the main villain of the organization known as MAD. The objective of Dr. Claw and his agents is that they have a secret plan to smuggle gold out of the country and to haul it off as sugar and make millions of dollars from this operation. They replace the real blocks of gold with painted Styrofoam blocks. How creative these guys are aren’t they? The agents also grind the gold into gold dust.

A Photo of Inspector Gadget's Niece Penny Holding a Block of Fake Gold

Penny holds up a fake black of gold while Brain is looking around the area after having fallen down.

Penny holds up a fake black of gold while Brain is looking around the area after having fallen down.

The Main Secrets or Significance of the Episode All That Glitters

The real city of gold is buried underneath the fake city of gold that Dr. Claw and his agents have set up. Fortunately, Gadget’s niece Penny and his dog Brain once again decide to follow him. Penny discovers something that even Dr. Claw doesn’t even know. The gold that they are trying to smuggle out of the country is known as iron pyrite or fool’s gold. How did Dr. Claw not even know this?

In addition to this, another point of significance in the Inspector Gadget series is that for Dr. Claw, he will try to make money any way that he can and that’s part of his mission to make the organization MAD as profitable as possible.

What Happens in the Episode All That Glitters?

While Gadget is setting up his tent, agents of Dr. Claw approach the tent and put up a wooden board that has a painting of the moon and the night sky. Our hero Gadget thinks that it is nighttime and somehow he is able to go off to sleep. However, it is not much longer before a group of tourists gets off of a tour bus and they want to explore the city. Gadget immediately gets dressed and rushes to the group and starts to tell them about the city and various structures. However, one of the tourists pulls at a rope thinking that someone has lost their shoelace. In his attempt to prevent her from triggering that booby trap, Gadget trips over the rope as all the traps get set off one by one. This is one of the funniest parts of the entire episode! Penny and Brain discover the secret to the true city of gold and this involves pulling down the statue of a bat and a toucan in order to reveal the true city of gold. Once those statues are pulled down, the real city of gold is revealed and the fake city of gold crumbles into dust. Penny had called for help and there is a policeman and a scientist that ask the Inspector to join them outside. This is one of the few episodes where Chief Quimby does not appear at the end of the episode to congratulate Gadget. The episode is significant because of the effect that gold can have on the world.

"All That Glitters" Full Episode

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Memorable Quotes from the Episode All That Glitters

"Wowsers! The sun sure sets fast in Peru."

Inspector Gadget

"MAD Cat, I think I need a vacation!"

Dr. Claw

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