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Review and Analysis of the Episode "a Star Is Lost" in the Cartoon Inspector Gadget

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Memorable Quotes from "a Star Is Lost" Episode #11

Right Chief. With me on the job, Rick is as safe as you are.”

Inspector Gadget

“I hope you like electric harps Gadget.”

Dr. Claw

Synopsis of Episode #11 of Inspector Gadget

In episode #11, Metro City’s most famous detective Inspector Gadget, a lover of the cello is assigned to protect rock singer Rick Rocker from Dr. Claw. The reason is because Dr. Claw and his M.A.D. organization plan to kidnap Rick Rocker and control the minds of millions of rock fans by the power of M.A.D. music. This plan is basically Dr. Claw using a record player and he plays a song that has a very monotone kind of sound to it. Chief Quimby had every reason to be concerned because Inspector Gadget is about to find out just how challenging and dangerous this mission is about to become. So how is this mission so dangerous for Inspector Gadget?

Analysis of the Reasons Why This Mission Is So Dangerous for Inspector Gadget

First of all, because the Inspector attempts to play a guitar that is being worked on and tuned but no sooner does he tap one of the strings than the guitar ends up giving him a nasty shock. How does the Inspector still survive after all of that? In addition, when Inspector Gadget reaches an old warehouse, he sees several instruments but these instruments have traps that have been set to destroy him. These include a piano that has a panel that opens up and this panel has some sharp nails in it. Then there is a harp that is electric and can produce a shock to anyone that touches it. Through either very good fortune or just dumb luck, the Inspector Gadget wants to play a concerto with the harp but instead he ends up hitting the harp with his mallet and he ends up destroying the harp. As a result, all the lights in the building go out because all of the fuses get blown. In this instance, Inspector Gadget saves the day at least temporarily. When Inspector Gadget, Penny and Rick Rocker attempt to escape from the warehouse, Dr. Claw sets off the flying records and then captures them by using tape that wraps all of them up. They are then put on a conveyor belt that has these record presses. In this episode, Dr. Claw attempted to use some of his most creative inventions but thanks to the quick thinking of Penny who is somehow able to at least sort of free herself so that she can communicate with Brain, really is clever here. Brain then rushes and barely saves Penny and Rick Rocker just in time. Inspector Gadget meanwhile uses his Gadget coat function to free himself from the tape but he is left floating upwards until the Gadget family dog Brain brings him down. In this episode, Brain is disguised as a nurse.

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Brief Final Thoughts About Episode #11

A Star is Lost probably could have been titled something like “Rick Rocker is Lost” but I guess the creators of the show put the original title to make things more simple.

Rating for the episode A Star Is Lost: 85 points out of 100

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