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Review and Analysis of the Cartoon Episode "Wambini Predicts" in Inspector Gadget

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Brief Synopsis of the Episode Wambini Predicts

Wambini Predicts is the final cartoon episode in the famous cartoon Inspector Gadget that has the appearance of the characters The Greater and Lesser Wambini, two men that use the powers of magic for evil and sinister purposes to help Dr. Claw dominate the world. This is the third episode of the second season of Inspector Gadget and it may be the favorite of the first three episodes of the second season for many of us that grew up watching this cartoon. This time, Inspector Gadget must travel to a fictional country called Alpakistan in order to prevent Dr. Claw and his agents from becoming the winning team in a national football tournament that has a very unusual name. Another objective for Dr. Claw is that he wants to also gain access to a diamond spitting llama that the king and queen of Alpakistan.

Memorable Quotes from the Episode Wambini Predicts

“Chief, what are you doing in my Gadget dishwasher? Taking a shower?”

“These stewardesses work too hard.”

Analysis of the First Memorable Quote

The first quote is so memorable and funny because as it turns out the Inspector’s boss and police chief of Metro City Chief Quimby is hiding in the Gadget family dishwasher when the Inspector is contacted. How did he manage to get inside? It makes you wonder how the creators of the cartoon made that happen.

"Wambini Predicts" Full Episode

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Analysis of the Predictions Made in the Episode

The title of this episode is accurate because the Great Wambini makes three separate predictions as he is speaking to the king. These predictions are:

  1. That the King will go on a long journey
  2. The king will witness an accident unfortunate and unforeseen but as only seen by the Great Wambini himself.
  3. That the other team will win the National Football Tournament. (Hint: it is not the polka dot team). But of course with the dog Brain’s assistance near the end of the episode, Inspector Gadget indirectly helps to score the winning point thus giving the polka dot team a 2-1 victory and thus ensuring that the King and Queen do not lose their llama. The King thinks happily that he will win the bet.

Final Thoughts About Episode #68

Overall. Episode #68 as this one is known as is the best early episode of the second season of Inspector Gadget mainly due to the plot as well as the early part of the episode where the Gadget family is enjoying Chinese food. However, due to misunderstanding by Inspector Gadget, the delivery boy is thought of as a burglar. This is also due to the Gadget family activating and or reactivating their home security system. The early part of this episode also shows how advanced of a cartoon that Inspector Gadget really was.

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