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Review and Analysis of the Cartoon Episode "Eye of the Dragon" In Inspector Gadget

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Of all the episodes in the history of the original Inspector Gadget Eye of the Dragon stands out as being ranked as the most popular episode of the original series on the Internet Movie Database along with the episode titled Haunted Castle. Is it really that great of an episode that it is worth the hype? This review and analysis will attempt to answer that question and much more so stay tuned.

"Eye of the Dragon" Episode Summary and Analysis

In Eye of the Dragon, Inspector Gadget is assigned to travel to Hong Kong to investigate about the theft of very expensive pearls called The Pearls of Wang Ha which have been stolen by two agents of Dr. Claw. Dr. Claw meets up with his main agent in Hong Kong, Mr. Chow so that he can establish a partnership with him. Meanwhile, the Inspector is at a museum when he sees footprints that lead all the way to the statue of a dragon. Inspector Gadget believes that there is a thief inside of the statue however, it is Chief Quimby that was hiding inside of the statue.

Inspector Gadget has a person of contact as well that he is instructed to visit. It is an owner of a china shop that wants to discuss certain business matters with the Inspector. He tells his grandson that he wants to discuss some business. But before they can really discuss anything, Inspector Gadget ends up breaking everything in that china shop. He did not do that on purpose though. Nonetheless, because of Inspector Gadget being so careless, he lost the opportunity to have a real business discussion and to really find out what was going on. He is given a message which he believes is about the fact that he has to go to a circus. The real message is that Mr. Chow has set up a “floating nest” in the harbor which has thousands of boats in it. This may end up being the most dangerous assignment for the Inspector so far as he is approached by Mr. Chow's agents who are dressed in a dragon costume. These agents or martial artists attempt to do away with the Inspector by using dynamite. But due to the fast reflexes of the Inspector's dog Brain, he is spared of serious injury. Meanwhile, Penny is so smart that she finds a jewelry store and purchases an exact replica of the stolen pearls though these are fake pearls. She believes that they will come in handy and they really do. Penny finds the so-called “floating nest” and she distracts Dr. Claw and Mr. Chow. She is able to successfully switch the Pearls of Wang Ha with the exact replica. Meanwhile, due to either dumb luck or just a miracle, Inspector Gadget using his skates begins to skate around very erratically, knocking down all of the agents. He chases Brain, thinking that Brain is the real Mr. Chow. He uses his lasso to grab the pearls and returns them to Chief Quimby.

"Eye of the Dragon" Full Episode

Final Thoughts

Overall, Eye of the Dragon is a good episode filled with good investigative scenes and it even has the exotic song parts that viewers heard in Episode #30. However, analyzing this episode in 2022, I get the sense that the episode isn't good enough to be considered one of the most popular in the series.

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