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Review and Analysis of the Album "Unlocked" by Meisa Kuroki

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Introduction to Meisa Kuroki's Second Solo Album

Japanese and Panamanian actress, fashion model, and singer Meisa Kuroki released her second album Unlocked on February 15, 2012. The album was said to contain four previously released singles “Wired Life”, “One More Drama”, “Woman’s Worth” and “Breeze Out”. The album has 14 total tracks. I’ve listened to two songs so far as of the first writing of this part which was ages ago and they are both really good! There were three different releases for this album: Limited Editions A and B and the regular edition. The regular release only has the CD. The limited editions have a 40 page booklet, a music video DVD, and a live DVD as well.

"Upgrade U!"

Reviewing the Songs In "Unlocked"

Listening to this album fully here in 2022 a full ten years after its release, so far I am just scratching the surface of this album. Hit the Road starts off this album and it has that modern, futuristic electronic pop kind of feel. This isn’t always a good thing in some cases but in this case, it works out just fine. “Shake It Off” was one of the two songs that I had heard initially upon just getting introduced to Meisa and her songs. There is the word “shake” that is repeated about four times as Meisa says “I want to dance now.” “Wired Life” which ended up being one of the most famous songs on this album is lyrically about a battle with a person that has a sort of entangled life. Kuroki herself said that she wanted to show a different side of herself as an artist other than dancing. Well, this album itself is a different way for Meisa to show us her talents other than her modeling and acting work. “One More Drama” is lyrically about girls that feel insecure about their looks and relationships. At least that’s the impression I got when analyzing the lyrics of the song. “Take Me Away” is a love song about a woman that wants to be around a specific man and no one else. She admits that she is acting selfishly by saying this. “Woman’s Worth” is one of the more energetic songs in this album. It starts with four specific words. These words are: peace, love, pride, and future. The song talks about keeping the faith and uniting to become a better version of yourself. The four words that we touched on in this analysis are repeated in the song. “Breeze Out” is a song that lyrically is about our brains and mental capacity being so overwhelmed that we just have to get some air and clear our heads so we can focus better. “Last Code” is about a woman that wants help to unlock her soul. She wants to figure out what is going on in her mind. As a result, she understands other people even less. This song has decent harmony vocals but as I will say, it could have been done better. If you have heard enough pop music in your life you will see that at times, this album suffers from being too average. What does this all mean in the context of this ten year old album? We could say that there are the strong songs such as the first two but then the album misses the mark in other songs. Meisa Kuroki has a good pop music voice but the songs could have had more energy in them.

"Last Code"

Final Thoughts About "Unlocked"

Hit the Road and Shake It Off are the two strongest songs in Meisa’s second solo album. She certainly wanted to surprise her fans and show her diversity as an entertainer and she did a decent job with this release, however I believe the songwriting could have been a bit stronger. Like she says in that first song “I want to hit the road” and she certainly got off to a strong start here.

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