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Review and Analysis of "The Invasion" the 17th Episode of the Cartoon Inspector Gadget

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How This 17th Episode Begins

The Invasion is the 17th episode of the famous cartoon series Inspector Gadget. If Volcano Island is the weakest episode in the first season of this series, then how is this one? The entire Gadget family is watching TV one night when there are breaking news reports of UFO sightings across Metro City. The Inspector himself is skeptical of such things but he decides to take his dog Brain with him to investigate what is going on.

Why the Episode Is Appropriately Titled

The title of the episode is appropriate because the organization called M.A.D. has put together a sort of secret operation using a flying saucer to start a major crime wave for which they can loot and steal all of the city’s valuables.

Memorable Quotes from the Episode “The Invasion”

“I feel like singing!” (Dr. Claw’s pet cat then starts to sing). Dr. Claw then says “I said I feel like singing.”

Dr. Claw says this when he has used his laser and he thinks that he has eliminated Inspector Gadget for good.

“Gadget! I thought I finished him with my M.A.D. Mobile lasers!”

It’s a little early for decorating your Christmas tree isn’t it Chief?”

Inspector Gadget says this after the “assignment” he was given to read self-destructs because he had thrown the piece of paper into the lake!

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"The Invasion" Full Episode

Episode Synopsis and Final Thoughts

While the Inspector is driving on the road, Dr. Claw who is planning on using a group of his agents to disguise themselves as Martians so they can loot and steal all the treasures of Metro City, thinks that he has destroyed the Inspector by firing rockets at him. But due to just good fortune, the Inspector raises his shield while his mobile is overturned and he is able to deflect Dr. Claw’s attack and he survives. Dr. Claw finds out in a while that Gadget has survived and he is angry because he is shocked that Gadget survived a laser attack. Dr. Claw is using a large flying saucer to store all of the city’s valuables that his agents have collected. The Inspector asks to be taken to the leader of the Martians and he is immediately captured and put into the flying saucer. Penny’s school has let out early because of the UFO scare and she is also captured while trying to investigate. Brain who is so clever puts on a UFO mask and he is able to get onto the flying saucer machine without detection. He finds what room Penny is locked up in. They are about to do what they call a job when the machine starts moving. Penny devises a very clever plan, scrambles the receiver so that Dr. Claw cannot know what his agents are doing wrong. The machine is sent straight to police headquarters as the Inspector is congratulated for doing such a fine job. If it was not for her investigation skills and creativity who knows what would have happened to the Inspector. The invasion is a good episode but it is not as good as the next one after this called The Infiltration.

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