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Review and Analysis of "Greenfinger" the 24th Episode of the Famous Cartoon Inspector Gadget

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A Detailed Summary of the Episode Called "Greenfinger"

Greenfinger also sometimes spelled as Green Finger is the 24th episode of the famous cartoon series Inspector Gadget. In this episode, Inspector Gadget is busy removing the weeds from the Gadget family garden when his niece Penny arrives home from school. She asks her uncle what happened to the lawn. Inspector Gadget tells Penny that he has no time to explain now. Inspector Gadget sees his boss Chief Quimby hiding in a fire hydrant with another important assignment for him. This time, Inspector Gadget must head over to Green Finger Institute which is an institute that is dedicated to botanical science. Inspector Gadget must protect a special formula from Dr. Claw and his agents. But when the inspector arrives, it turns out that he is too late because Dr. Claw has captured Mr. Green Finger and replaced him with an imposter agent. But when that heavy set man with the glasses introduces himself to the Inspector, Gadget thinks that the man is Mr. Green Finger, not knowing that he is actually an imposter that has been assigned to eliminate him. Dr. Claw’s plan is to use this formula to attack crops all over the world so that people will come “begging” for his gigantic vegetables for which he will then be able to charge very high prices for. Will Dr. Claw prevail this time over his most hated man? At the end of the episode it sure seems like he does because he escapes with one of the barrels but it turns out the effects of the formula were only temporary.

A Very Interesting Fact About This Episode

One very interesting fact about this 24th episode is that it is actually a spoof of the James Bond movie called Goldfinger.

A garden style pathway with plants, the main kind of theme for the episode "Greenfinger."

A garden style pathway with plants, the main kind of theme for the episode "Greenfinger."

"Greenfinger" Full Episode

Why "Greenfinger" Is Still a Decent Episode

Inspector Gadget inadvertently “helps” the imposter and the agents load the formula barrels into the blimp but Penny uses her computer book to override the blimp’s controls, thus saving the day. Even though Dr. Claw grabs the barrel that inspector Gadget left behind and thinks he has won, he has not won because the effects of the formula were temporary. Greenfinger is a decent episode in this series but overall it is not one of the best episodes. There is a scene in this episode in which Inspector Gadget wants to be able to check the security system of the Green Finger Institute and he does so by using a speed boat to travel through the river at high speeds. This scene and the first few minutes of the episode leading to the message self-destructing are the two best parts of what is still a good episode.

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