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Film Review: The Room


Tommy Wiseau directs, writes, and stars in the cinematic disaster piece "The Room." The film tells the story of Johnny (Tommy Wiseau), a lovable San Francisco banker. Johnny is very much in love with his fiancee Lisa (Juliette Danielle) but she is secretly having an affair with his best friend Mark (Greg Sestero). Johnny's discovery of the affair drives him into madness. Throughout the film we introduced to several characters including Denny (Philip Haldiman) a creepy neighborhood kid who likes to show up to spy on Johnny and Lisa and the psychologist Peter (Kyle Vogt) who gives Johnny advice on his upcoming marriage. Along with the various characters that are introduced, the film is dedicated to several subplots which do little to advance the story forward.

"The Room," is a film with an inconsistent narrative and terrible dialogue. The mood of the characters change without any explanation for example during the famous rooftop scene where Johnny is complaining about being falsely accused of domestic violence by Lisa he suddenly seems more cheerful by seeing Mark by greeting him by saying "I did not her. It is not true. It is bullshit. Oh hi, Mark." and he then contradicts himself in the conversation by saying that "Lisa is loyal to me." The film consists of a plot that is left with unresolved conflicts by the end of the film from Lisa's mother announcing that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer which never gets brought up again to Denny's confrontation with the drug dealer Chris-R. Overall, the film's flaws make this film entertaining to watch because you can laugh about how truly bad it is.

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