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Review: "The Killing Kind" the 8th Studio Album by Over Kill


Introducing Over Kill's 8th Studio Album

The Killing Kind is more than just the 8th studio album by legendary thrash metal band Over Kill. It is also the first album to have the contributions of Joe Comeau (Liege Lord and ex-Annihilator). Over Kill has had much personnel turnover but this hasn’t seemed to really affect them that negatively. The Killing Kind was produced by the now late Chris Tsangarides who is famous for having produced Judas Priest’s Painkiller album back in 1990.

Analysis of the Album's Musical Style

For 1996 standards, The Killing Kind is much more of a metal album compared to similar releases of the time period such as Metallica’s Load and Re-Load albums or Megadeth’s Youthanasia. For whatever reason, Over Kill didn’t go down the more mainstream musical path and decided to have that metal edge to their music. The Killing Kind is described as an album that has more of a hardcore and groove metal style to it. The album could be thought of as a rebellion against human nature because some people display incredible amounts of stupidity as the song “Let Me Shut That for You” lyrically tries to point out.

About the Songs In Over Kill's 1996 Studio Album

The song “God-Like” has that The Haunted feel to it and you will be able to notice this because of the guitar and drum style. “Certifiable” lyrically is about a person that continues to suffer from mental issues. The style of the song is kind of like something that we would here on the Carnival Diablos album just a few years later in 2001. There are some really powerful screaming vocals by Bobby Ellsworth in this song. “Burn You Down / To Ashes” might as well be considered a sort of power ballad and this is something that Over Kill would not have done earlier in their career. The guitar play shifts back softly to a sort of System of a Down feel only guitar that is played better. “The Cleansing” one of the most melodic songs in the career of Over Kill is a humorous lyrical song about whether someone knows who GOD really is. They go home to drink the cool, cleansing water that they have access to. As has been the typical pattern for these guys, their albums usually start out very strong and on example of this is the first song “Battle” which has a dialogue followed by excellent bass guitar play by D.D. Verni as usual. There is the chant of “yeah” in this song but that does not affect it in the slightest.

Final Thoughts About "The Killing Kind"

The Killing Kind may end up being the band’s best work up to that point simply because of the excellent bass guitar play which is evident in the instrumental song “Feeding Frenzy” as the song builds up even with the drum play. Just because The Years of Decay was considered the band’s peak moment, they had 7 years between that one and this album to grow musically and they certainly did that. Is this 1996 album the band’s peak? It is hard to state that with certainty but in terms of the songs, this one is definitely one of their strongest releases even beating their next album.

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