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Review: "The Flash"


DC universe might be having a hard time on cinema theaters, but it’s doing great on the small screen. CW has given a boost to the superhero saga with several series. One of those series is “The Flash”.

The scarlet speedster first aired on October 7th 2014 and has been airing for four seasons now and the fifth one is expected to be back on October of 2018. The show brings to life DC’s speedster and is doing a great job doing it.


Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) is an ordinary forensics scientist until an accident with Star Lab’s large hadron collider turns him into the flash. Having a superpower, he now can help people both as a forensics scientist and as the flash. But the accident didn’t just give Barry Allen superpowers, it turned ordinary people to what now is known as meta-humans.

Among those metas are many criminals, each constantly challenging the flash. But Barry Allen is not alone in this fight.Team flash consisting of Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker), Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes), Dr. Harry Wells (Tom Cavanagh), Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) and of course the love of Barry Allen’s life, Iris West (Candice Patton) is always by him, assisting in any way they can. With their forces combined, the team can take on any problem coming their way.


The show is a C class series, mainly because it is repeats it self on every season. In the beginning of each season a speedster faster than flash is threatening to take him out, but every time Barry gets to become faster and defeat them. Putting that aside the creators have made a great job transferring the flash from the comics into the small screen. The new technologies are really helpful providing with the necessary CGI to make the flash do what the flash does, run so fast that he can travel not just through space, but through time also.

The cast is as good as the series demand, as there is not much to ask from an actor playing a comics character. The plot is easy, the dialogues are for their most part on the same pattern. The chemistry between the actors though is the one making the show stand out. Watching them act together makes you feel you are watching a group of friends having fun.


Each season is mostly the same as the next one. As said before on the beginning of each season a speedster appears that threatens to kill Barry Allen. He loses at first, but then with the help of his friends he manages to become faster and beat them. During the length of the season the flash has to deal with problems that emerge either between him and Iris or between him someone else on the team.

“The Flash” is an easy show to watch and can keep you company on a slow Saturday afternoon.Taking a break from a tiring week, relaxing laying on the bed, you put “The Flash” on and enjoy some relaxing moments. Although it’s not the best show out there, is a great effort to bring DC comics to the TV. Those of you who are DC funs this is a great chance to see your favorite superhero come to life.


As the intro says “His name is Barry Allen and he is the fastest man alive”, until the next speedster shows up, that is.

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Peter Dale (author) from Athens, Greece on August 11, 2018:

Kenneth, thank you very much. Comments like yours really help me keep writing. I am really glad you liked my review!

Kenneth Avery from Hamilton, Alabama on August 10, 2018:

Peter -- this critique takes me back to the mid-60s when I first read my first Flash comic book and from that hot summer afternoon until now, I am still mesmerized.

Barry Allen. Totally-in charge mentally as well as his power(s) that do help mankind.

I can even recall how the inside of my comic book smelled and only the aroma of a showroom car can rival it.

But with TV Flash comes comic book Flash and in TV, I wish that the producers would "take the brakes off" of Flash' costume for it looks way too traditional and the uniform could be upgraded, but that's just me.

I will forever be a Flash fan.

Nice work and write to me anytime.