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Review: The Boys Season 3 Episode 6

Previously on “The Boys”: Everyone hated Soldier Boy, just like everyone hates Homelander.

Everything is blowing up.

Wait . . . you took drugs, Huey? What?

And now on “The Boys”: So, the Seven (beyond Starlight) have caught wind of what Soldier Boy is planning on doing, and Homelander actually agreed to allow the Deep go to warn some of Soldier Boy’s previous team members. But him agreeing to Deep’s proposal seems like it is one more piece of evidence that Homelander is not handling being in charge (and it is not as awesome as he probably thought that it would be).

At one point, Homelander was giving himself a pep talk while talking to himself in a mirror. But the way that the scene is played, it is not completely clear whether he is currently having a nervous breakdown, or if he might suffer from Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). If the writers turn this into Homelander having DID, it would be just one more example in pop culture of how people with DID are dangerous to anyone who does not have DID (which is completely not the case and a disserves to anyone who suffers from this illness). Turning people with DID into psychopaths and killers (and not have them be any other kind of character) gives people unfamiliar with the illness the wrong idea about those who suffer from it and will likely give them the wrong impression of people with DID.

Butcher, Soldier Boy, and Homelander have their big fight, and nothing more is accomplished than the deaths of a bunch of other people. Despite their best efforts, Homelander survived the attack, meaning that they are going to have to come up with some other plan to kill him, if Butcher really wants to make sure that he dies. But whatever plan they come up with now, it is likely to have as much success as the one they just tried to implement; Homelander is likely to survive whatever else they throw at him (unless they come up with something far more sneaky that will exploit a weakness that he might have).

Starlight has gone rogue, letting the public know exactly what really happened when Butcher and Soldier Boy attacked Homelander. It might tarnish the Seven’s image (and the image of al supes) if people know (and believe) what happened. Letting people know what really happened may accomplish nothing more than putting a target on Starlight’s back and making sure that Vaught comes after her.

Noir has taken out his tracking chip and has disappeared. He was supposedly the one that was the one in charge of getting Soldier Boy captured by the Russians, and he went into hiding once he knew that Soldier Boy was coming for the members of his old team. It seems as though we are meant to believe that he is in just as much danger as the others from what Soldier Boy might do to him, but it could be that he will be the key to stopping Homelander or Soldier Boy. It could be that he has gone off to figure out some way to stop one or the other, in an effort to protect himself.

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