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Review: Testament "the New Order" (1988) an Excellent Follow up to Their Debut Album the Legacy

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The New Order is an Album That Has Left a Great Legacy on the Heavy Metal Scene

San Francisco area thrash band Testament doesn’t seem to get enough credit for the superb job that they have done throughout their career. Their 1988 studio album The New Order is another example of this outstanding legacy that they have left upon the history of heavy metal. We must address the question of why should heavy metal fans pay attention to Testament and this album when there are bands such as Metallica, Megadeth, and Slayer? There are three main reasons.

The New Order is an album that was ahead of its time

The band was wise enough to understand this almost 30 years ago. Note: in 2018, The New Order turns 30 years old and Chuck Billy’s screams still have a memory in the depths of my brain because they are so solid from a vocal standpoint.

I could make the case that The New Order was an album that was ahead of its time. Testament would bring the theme of politics back into focus in 1994 with their inspirational song P.C. They would also address issues regarding the environment in their next album called Practice What You Preach in 1989. But for The New Order, this band would show why they were and still are one of the best metal bands to come from the great state of California.

"The New Order" Song Only

The album begins with a brilliant acoustic part before getting into one of those classic heavy Testament songs. The song gets soft again as the melody continues in the song "Eerie Inhabitants."

"Trial By Fire"

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Analysis of the Songs Into the Pit and Hypnosis

"Into the Pit" is a really heavy and fast song about the fact that the future of the world is in serious peril as people are dying left and right. How ironic is it that Testament had such a song like this back in 1988? I guess they like the members of Metallica knew what was going on in the world. To put this statement more briefly, they were very socially aware and especially these being socially aware is very important. The next song called "Hypnosis" is a two-minute instrumental that has the sound of thunder in the background.

"The New Order" Final Thoughts

There is also a cover song on this album and it is the one called “Nobody’s Fault” which was originally performed by Aerosmith. It would have been better if Testament had covered a better song by a different artist. It would have definitely strengthened the album for sure. “A Day of Reckoning” is a song that is about living life as if everything that we have worked so hard for will be taken from us. The last song called "Musical Death (A Dirge)" is a very fitting end to another solid album. Testament were one of the best bands in the 1980’s but they would never be as recognized as Metallica which is a real shame because these guys proved that they could play any style of metal very well. Is The New Order better than the band’s debut? No, but it is close enough and we might as well say that their first three albums are their best along with Low and The Ritual.

"The Preacher"

The Legacy vs. The New Order

"Eerie Inhabitants"

Favorite Song on The New Order

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Ara Vahanian (author) from LOS ANGELES on August 15, 2017:

I'm glad that you found out something new. Testament has actually been around since 1983. They were performing under a different name until 1986 when they changed their band name to Testament. I used to have this album but I grew out of it and started exploring other genres of music. I will say Testament is one of the best things that ever happened in US music history.

Ryan from Louisiana, USA on August 15, 2017:

I need to get this album. I recently started listening to this band. I have Dark Roots of Earth and The Formation of Damnation. I really do like this band. Did not really know how long they have actually been a band and making music.

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