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Review: "Soundtrack to Your Escape" by Swedish Melodic Death Metal Band in Flames

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Give "Soundtrack to Your Escape" a Chance

Swedish melodic death metal band In Flames continues their march towards one of the best melodic death metal bands in the world with their 2004 album called Soundtrack to Your Escape. Like its predecessor Reroute to Remain, the album is once again experimental in nature but this does not mean that the album is bad. Some fans may be quick to label these guys as bandwagon jumpers trying to get more popular. This is just not the case because these guys experiment and they do it very well as you saw in the previous album with the song called Dawn of a New Day and especially the groovy song Free Fall.

How does "Soundtrack to Your Escape" Start Out?

The first song "Friend" has an electronic sound in it. Then the melody kicks in. This part is definitely something that In Flames would use in their music. The song is about feeling the rage inside of you because you had someone you thought was a friend but they have betrayed you because of their ego problem.

This album is similar to the previous work Reroute to Remain

The song called "Dead Alone" musically is similar to the song called System in 2002.

One similarity between this album and Reroute to Remain is that both albums started with a heavy, melodic song and then turned to experimentation in the next two songs. Let’s remember the title track Reroute to Remain and System how they started and set the tone for the album. In Soundtrack to Your Escape, the song Friend starts followed by The Quiet Place and then Dead Alone.

The official music video for the song The Quiet Place

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Soundtrack to Your Escape the review part 4

The song called "Touch of Red" is about someone that feels like they should be on top of the world, yet they are so fearful and weak that they know that quicksand can swallow them if they fall in. YouTube classifies In Flames as alternative metal which is wrong because I don’t see any alternative influence in their music. In Flames is now melodic death metal with some electronic influences since 2002. By the time we get to the song called "My Sweet Shadow," some melody kicks in and there are no bad songs yet unlike Reroute to Remain with the song called Transparent. The next song called "Evil in a Closet" starts out in interesting acoustic fashion similar to the song Satellites and Astronauts in 2000. The song is about someone who feels like they won’t be able to see tomorrow because life seems to push them aside. They need a reason to feel hopeful. The person that they are after could be the person they meet in another lifetime. This ballad song is very relaxing for sure. It proves that In Flames can be a varied band and make it work. How is this the case you might ask? They can do ballads like Evil in a Closet, melodic songs like The Quiet Place and standard death metal songs like Moonshield. In this album, the band explores a subject that is going to be making an impact in the lives of current and future generations and that is the rise in technology. In the song "Superhero of the Computer Rage," the band is trying to point out the dangers of improperly used technology. Technology that is used in a bad way will turn out to be a maggot that will eat away at your life. One example of this is Facebook addiction. Facebook addiction can lead to anxiety and depression. It will then eat away at your time and you will wonder where all that time went.

Soundtrack to Your Escape The Review: Songs In Search for I & Dial 595-Escape

The song In "Search for I" is yet another example of the band’s musical diversity as the song sounds a little like Swedish thrash metal band The Haunted. The song is about someone that feels that they need a do-over in their life to learn from their mistakes. The song called "Dial 595-Escape" is about removing obstacles in life before they appear. The goal is to not look too far but take life step by step as you wonder what the new day will be like.

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Soundtrack to Your Escape Is a Better album Than Most People May Think

Overall, Soundtrack to Your Escape is another solid release from one of the two best melodic death metal bands in Sweden. The other one is Dark Tranquillity. By 2004, In Flames had been active for 14 years and released two great albums in a row, had a pretty good album in Whoracle and then got up to superstar status with albums such as Colony and Clayman. Albums like Soundtrack to Your Escape is icing on the cake for this band. Therefore, we will give this album no less than a solid 90 points out of 100!

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