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Review: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Episode 3

Previously on “Obi-Wan Kenobi”: Obi-Wan has an attack of conscious, realizing that cis-females are also people, and decides that Leah might actually be important enough to leave Tatooine for (and that Luke is not the only person in the entire galaxy who is worth protecting), because (you know) she is a living person.

And now on “Obi-Wan Kenobi” (spoilers ahead): So, Leah and Obi-Wan are on the run, and they are trying to make their way back to Alderaan. Of course, they are being followed by the Inquisitors, and Stormtroopers surround them at pretty much all times. During the course of this episode, they are on a mining planet in the Outer Rim, and they are trying to make their way to meet up with someone that will get them to Alderaan, but they cannot seem to win; there are not only Stormtroopers everywhere, and the Inquisitors get a beat on where they are (because Obi-Wan decides it would be a smart idea to destroy a probe droid), but Vader is also on their trail (yes, Disney­+ roped James Earl Jones into this).

The problem with having Obi-Wan, Leah, and Vader all on the same planet is that at no point does Vader realize there is a youngling around that is highly Force sensitive. Sure, Vader being so focused on his own anger and desire for revenge that he is blind to everything else around him is pretty much on brand, and the continuity demands that Leah survive, but it still feels like we are drawing too close to a plot hole by not having him realize she was there (a plot hole you cannot get away from by bending space and traveling 12 parsecs to safety).

It was nice to see a conversation between Obi-Wan and Leah where he talked about Padme a bit (saying how much Leah reminded him of her), and also putting to rest any lingering fan theories there may have her father (instead of Anakin).

In that same conversation, he talked about what little he remembers of his birth family before being taken to the Jedi Temple. Even though it was not really much of anything, it was nice to get a little bit of back story on him.

The episode ends with Leah being semi-captured by one of the Inquisitors that is hunting for Obi-Wan, but there is zero suspense to the scene. Since the films have all already come out, we know that she survives and gets back to Alderaan (not dying until The Rise of Skywalker). As much as the writers and show runners might be trying to create a compelling story, trying to make anyone think that Leah is in any real danger at this point in the timeline is not going to work. Not only that, no one is going to be worried that Obi-Wan is not going to recover any injuries he suffered from his duel with Vader (knowing he makes it back to Tatooine, and he does not die until the end of A New Hope).

Even though the canon demands that Vader/Anakin knows nothing of Leah, it would still be much more compelling if there was a hint of a threat that he might find out about her existence (even if he does not figure out her connection to him). But there are still episodes left in the series, and there is still a chance that there would be a hint that he might find out that Obi-Wan is traveling with a Force sensitive youngling. And maybe, at that point, Obi-Wan could talk to her about her father (since she has already asked him for information about Anakin). He could still give Leah information about him without giving away that her father is one of the most dangerous people in the galaxy.

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