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Review: "Mob Rules" by British Heavy Metal Band Black Sabbath

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The album "Mob Rules" Gets Off to a Great Start With the Song "Turn Up the Night"

Black Sabbath was at the highest point in their career following the release of their awesome album Heaven and Hell. Their 1981 album called Mob Rules is another solid album especially from the beginning as we are introduced to the high energy song called "Turn Up the Night." Sometimes it feels so right to turn up the energy and turn up the fun as you go through the night feeling ecstatic about what you are doing. The next song "Voodoo" sounds like 1982 era Judas Priest although 1981 comes before 1982 obviously.

A photo of the back of the cover of the album Mob Rules


The album has a blues influence in it as well

Technically, Black Sabbath started playing as a band as far back as 1968 and they did not release their debut album until 1970. Black Sabbath uses a blues influenced solo continuing in that tradition that dates back to at least 1971.

The song called "Turn Up the Night"

What are the strongest songs in the album "Mob Rules?"

The strongest songs in Mob Rules are Turn Up the Night, The Mob Rules, Falling Off the Edge of the World, and Over and Over. Even so, this album does not quite match the greatness of Heaven and Hell. Mob Rules features the debut of drummer Vinnie Appice. The album cover is trying to depict that a gang or mob of wizards has taken over a village or town and laid waste to it.

One thing is for sure: this album will be definitely not a waste of your time. It is a very high energy studio album with powerful vocals by Ronnie James Dio (1942-2010), great songs and just solid musicianship even for the 1980’s.

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A little bit about the song "Country Girl"

The slower song Country Girl is about a person that fell in love with a country girl only to find out that she brings broken dreams upon those that she is able to seduce. The song is trying to say that we should never give our soul away by falling in love with a country girl.

The song called "Falling Off the Edge of the World"

Final Thoughts About the Album "Mob Rules"

"Falling Off the Edge of the World" starts off with some acoustic guitar and atmospheric sound similar to the song Remember Tomorrow. Sometimes life gets so unstable and erratic we feel as if we are falling off the edge of the world. We must be strong so that we don’t fall. The last song called "Over and Over" is especially strong. It is about a person that feels like they are dying inside once dawn hits. Her cries for the people that feel lost and alone. The cycle repeats over and over.

Final grade: 85 points out of 100

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