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Review: "Ghost Adventures"


Is there life after death? What happens to us when we die? Are ghosts real? Are demons real? These are only some of the questions the Ghost Adventures crew is trying to answer.

Ghost Adventures is a Travel Channel show that roams the United States, and sometimes the rest of the world, visiting haunted locations. These locations are haunted houses, haunted mines or even entire haunted towns.

The show has been running since 2008 and has visited hundreds of haunted locations. The crew’s lead investigator, Zak Bagans, started this project back in 2004, visiting the Old Washoe Club in Virginia City with his partners Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin. During that investigation, the team captured some truly remarkable evidence, establishing their spot in the ghost hunting world as one of the best crews.


After this documentary on the Old Washoe Club, the team started airing episodes every week, visiting a large number of locations every season. The team uses electronic devices to capture proof of the paranormal and it’s not rare for the team capture some groundbreaking proof. Whether it’s an EVP recorder or a SpiritBox, the team manages to capture a glimpse of the world beyond.

The crew started with Zak Bagans, Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin who were supported by a technical crew of two, Billy Toley and Jay Wasley. In 2014, Nick Groff left the GAC (Ghost Adventures Crew) and Billy Toley and Jay Wasley became permanent members of the team. The team often asks for the assistance of professionals such as mediums, demonologists and engineers who help them build better devices in order to be able to find better proof of the paranormal.

The show is not just a ghost haunting flick. The viewer has the chance to learn all about the history of the place the crew is visiting, offering them better insight and an overall image of what they’re about to see. That is something that distinguishes this show. You get the chance to learn the history of the house that is haunted or the prison the team is visiting and you get to take a look into what could be making this place haunted.

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The GAC has visited some of America’s most graphic locations, such as Gettysburg PA, where they filmed on the actual location were the great battle took place, obtaining some strong evidence of paranormal activity. The episode on the USS Hornet in San Francisco is also one to remember, as was their trip to the Winchester Mystery House, a place where the widow of the famous weapons maker built a huge maze with the only purpose of confusing the spirits of the people killed by her husband’s creations.

But the show does not only cover the United States. The crew has visited sites all across the world. Their visit to Poveglia Island in Italy offered some shocking scenes that the crew will never forget. The special episode in the small town of Wotton Under Edge in England, where it's said to be visited by a succubus is one of the team’s best episodes. We can’t of course forget the trip to Romania to Dracula’s castle and the Hoia Baciu forest where some really weird things were happening.


The show is easy to watch, even though most of it is shot in night vision. It’s not difficult for the viewer to understand what’s going. The subtitles at hard to hear moments also help the viewer follow the plot. The episodes are carefully produced and offer a relaxing experience.

Whether you believe in ghosts or you are a skeptic, Ghost Adventures will offer you more than enough action that will got you thinking and making your own presumptions. As the show’s intro says, the GAC has worked years to build their credibility and reputation, working alongside the most renowned professionals in the field, capturing groundbreaking proof of the paranormal. This is their evidence, their Ghost Adventures.

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