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Retro Reverb Records Top 3 for November 2021

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


1. BEKIMACHINE - Crescent (AUW’s Nightshade Remix)

The song begins as dense bass rumbles below slipping, elevated synths that echo into a void spattered by rain and full of the sound of breath. Cold chimes touch the music as a slow drum beat pulsates in. beki’s vocals sound distant as delicate piano notes arpeggiate and shadows rise from the bass. Metallic sounds ring out into the openness around them in a wandering pattern. The airy vocals shift, full of desolation, while a digital synth curls around itself.

A hollow, ethereal pattern dances while the drums pop and throb. The vocal melody is drifting and empty as hollow, bright chimes glisten over the stuttering synths that rise in waves. Elevated, cosmically flickering synths shimmer and fade while wind sweeps. beki’s aching, abandoned-feeling vocals call out while an interwoven synth pattern with a buzzing edge cascades through the song. The music fades on distant, metallic chimes and the distorted vocals.

2. Just Love Me - Ankh Wave

This is an emotive love ballad. The song opens with a gentle, throbbing bass waves lapping against delicate, high synths that sparkle out over a floating sonic swirl. Ankh Wave’s smooth, soft voice glides out, full of emotion. His voice carries a trembling melody while the massive retro drums shape the song. Glittering synths sparkle in a melancholy, melodic line over softly dancing piano and the steady drum and bass pulse which adds depth.

There’s a sax-like quality to the wandering synths that cry out over the intertwining, shimmering sonic shapes and piano patterns. Ankh Wave’s voice aches and glides along as the chiming synths interlock and sparkle around one another. The moves into a segment with bursting drums, fragile piano notes and bass flow. Ankh Wave adds his enfolding voice and we fade on rougher edged, deep synth pulses and reverberating piano notes.

3. Jonny Fallout - Slow Burn

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The track starts off as a slowly repeating note pattern is carried on electric guitar while high synths glisten and bass moves in deep pulses. Drums tick in lightly, flickering chimes shine with delicate light and the distant vocals return. The track is permeated with a glittering blanket of intertwined synth that adds texture to the music. After a drum fill, vibrating lines of sparkling, computerized synth tremble out and the guitar adds a funky, repeating line.

The distant, sampled vocals softly move in, full of feeling and passion. Echoing, glimmering synths twinkle like stars over drum and bass depth. Full, warm synths creamily glide as the bass slips along like a river below the compressed vocals that float above the glow and shine. There’s a break into a swirling, enveloping segment where high synths tremulously shimmer and all the sonic elements easily combine before the ending.

© 2021 Karl Magi

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