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Retro Reverb Records September 2020 Chart Toppers Reviewed


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Joint 1st Place

Caskets by Cymatica feat. Terena

Caskets opens on warmly rippling waves of synth sound that flow out through the track as a smoothly gliding guitar dances above those waves. The drums have a steady pulse as all of those bright, airy moments of synth glow through the music. Terena’s voice is gentle and warm as she delivers the well-written lyrics over the tranquil, smooth music that flows underneath.

The beat throbs into the music as the synth bass throbs out the beat underneath along with drums that add some shape to the music. The guitar adds a tasteful smoothness to the song and the spinning arpeggios that dance through the music add more shine to everything.

There’s a wandering, energetic guitar solo that soars over the oscillating synth behind it. I enjoy the bluesy feeling of the guitar and there’s some blues influence on the solo in my view. I also like how the track closes out on a wash of delicate piano notes gliding into open space.

Teenage Feeling by Michael Kross

Teenage Feeling starts as bright, light arpeggios shine above powerful drums and deep bass that adds a propulsive feeling to the song are joined by a howling, rocking guitar and Michael Kross’s strong soaring vocals. The synths dance and shimmer as Kross belts out a tale of youthful love and emotion while the chorus fills the music with passion and joy. The retro vibe is strong here, but well balanced with modern production.

Michael Kross is ear and clean in his delivery as he sings the lyrics that express all that hope and wonder that we seek to recapture from our youth. The guitar solo sings out with a similarly strong sense of hope and passion while a quick arpeggio with a “tech-y” sound spins out through the music. I do enjoy the charging drive of this song as it throbs onward with real conviction. I like the feeling of open air in the track and the little flashes of bright energy but it’s definitely the vocal performance that makes Teenage Feeling stand out.

Second Place

Star Blur by Eden Future

Star Blur is lead by Eden Future’s guitar as it flies out over the pounding synth bass and moving drums. It has a voice full of passion and energy while the synths are more shadowed and minor. There’s a feeling of flowing movement behind it, as heavier sounds rumble and throb underneath it. The guitar solo that comes in carries us into hyperdrive through the stars as the lighter synth sparkles occasionally shine through. That lead guitar tone has power in it that only deepens the intensity of the song.

Eden Future is clearly a confident, skilled axe master and it shows. There’s a general sense of triumphant rising energy about the guitar work here and it blends nicely with the other elements.There’s melodic energy to this track and I enjoy how Eden Future creates strong imagery in this track, producing a feeling of the stars blurring as a spacecraft launches into hyperdrive.

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