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Retro Reverb Records Chart Toppers for August 2021

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


1. Younsou - Getaway

The track opens on a slightly angular, energetically moving synth pulse that grows in power and volume as the steady bass oscillation moves underneath it. The thick kick drum pounds below the howl of synth as the melody charges in, creating the sensation of a ribbon of asphalt unfolding under a car’s wheels. There’s a solo on a glowing, medium high synth that whirls in arcing pattern of notes before the main melody jumps in again.

The flowing synth charge propels the track forward over the strong heartbeat of drums as there’s break to bass oscillation and a harder edged, darker synth melody. The track returns to a tight line of angular synth that wriggles above the other musical elements. The lead synth spins and howls with more urgency, cascading through another melodic pattern. As the track ends, the “A” section breaks into a gruff flow of synth and then into silence.

2. BMX Escape - Crush

A warm synth background is immediately filled with By Forever’s caressing, gentle voice singing a tale of love and hope. The throb of the smooth drums and a steady, deep pulse of bass moves under the round, glittering synths that glide along. The enfolding, affectionate lyrics match with the soft ease of the vocal melody, light shining from the synths. The song is such a strong expression of emotion and earnestness.

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The breathy, delicate vocals move over the solid beat and the airy glide of the synth elements is shot through with sparkles of light. The vocals rise over the beats and bass that add propulsion to the song. Each musical element in the track embraces the listener’s ears in a creamy soundscape. There’s a feeling of hope and peace that emanates from the melody and the deep affection in the vocals. This song is unashamed of embracing the love song role in a positive way, hopeful and warm as it glides along.

3. Two Years (Bangulo Guitar Mix) (feat. The Subtheory)

A tightly spinning, shiny but hard-hitting arpeggio whirls over a dark wall of gritty digital sound and a smooth bass pulse to open the track. Glowing shafts of light shimmer from the sharp, bright synth as the drums pulsate in. The angular, slicing line of Bangulo’s guitar winds and cries out in a hungry, wild melody while the hollow synths spin out their arpeggios. The swirl of guitar leaps and jumps in a spiky line, howling out over the steady drums and growling bass.

There’s a more gliding feeling to the music in the next segment, the guitar’s lines longer as it dances and weaves over the digital throb beneath it. The guitar fades to airy flow as the brittle arpeggio turns and a vocal sample cuts in. Bangulo’s guitar moves again, intricate and layered over the digital sounds below along with the jagged bass as it wriggles and cries like a living thing

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