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Retro Reverb Records Chart Toppers June 2021

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


1. Soylent Chiba - The Outsider

There’s a hollow, open pulse of hard edged sound that cuts in quickly, breaks and cuts out again as drums begin to throb as the track begins. Brittle, bright piano chords descend over the gruff depths while sweeping patterns of shadowy synth add a circular feeling to the music. There’s a rush of wind into open space before heavy, bursting drums and a tambourine like sound are joined by slicing synth notes.

Rising, howling electric guitar cries out in a bluesy line over the bursting beat and the uneven pulses of cold, hard-edged synth that move in while the percussion shapes the music. The elevated electric guitar adds passionate weight to the music before the hollow percussion and deep bass fade. This track has richly interlocking synth patterns that contrast shadow and sparkle, always driven by the unique beat.

2. More - Provoked By Emotions

A dark solid and shifting pulse of bass is joined by massive bursts of drums and a shimmering, raised glow of synth to open the song. The vocals have a chanted quality as they leap over the drifts of cold starry synth and the beat’s heft. There’s expression and power in the vocals as the drums drive on with conviction and a high, melodic pattern of floating, angled notes drifts over that reaching vocal melody.

The beat generates a seething sensation of energy as glimmering chimes shine in contrast to the power and soaring feeling of the vocals. There’s a balance of light and shadow, throbbing power and caressing flow and the unending drive of the beat before silence flows. This is a song with a strong message that is punchily delivered by the emotive vocalist.

3. Flynn Eskers - Cypher’s Revenge

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An ultra deep, circular, growing bass pattern opens the track with rumbling weight and a pounding beat begins to grow with it. A sharp-edged line of deep sound moves under an elevated synth with a string-like quality and a technological feeling that carries a roaming, wandering melody. There’s a feeling of something lost and a little aching hidden in that melody too.

The track moves into a segment where a synth calls out in a more triumphant voice with gentler arpeggios circling behind it. A pattern of ethereal, round synth trickles in the background as deep wells of bass add weight and the beat shapes the track. The dense, glowing main melody soars up over the throb of the beat, rich and full, glittering as it hits a high and moves back to trickles of xylophone-like sound and then silence.

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