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Retro Reverb Records Chart Toppers July 2021

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


1. Michael Kross - Beachlife85

The track starts with a bouncing pulse of expansive retro drums and a driving, slightly rough- edged bass throb oscillating into the music in a shifting pattern. Distant chimes drift and a reaching, bursting melody carrying light and hope trumpets into the music. A delicately glowing arpeggio turns in the background to add a swirling element to the music. The drums brim with energy before the track slides into a delicate section where guitar glimmers smoothly.

The rougher edged bass pulse adds shape to the music and the round, rising melodic line dances in over dynamic underpinnings. Misty and distant arpeggios spin over the solidity of the drums. There’s a nasal, distorted section that comes in, feeling wobbly and rubbery before dancing back into the uplifting main melody. This track captures the sensations of a warm beach on a hot summer day.

2. Powerkörd - Rescue, Defeat, Rinse and Repeat

A rapidly pulsing, solid synth opens the track and adds an air of intensity to the music. Massive drums slam into the music with a hard driving beat as digital sweeps of harsh sound move across the surface of the track. A wandering, minor key melody is carried on full synths with a hard edge, bright and flashing. The beat and bass has a rhythmic pulse that drives the track forward with propulsive power.

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There’s something ominous in the minor key melody as it roams through the track. A deep, rich synth that has a particularly open-voiced feeling carries a repeating sonic pulse. There’s a bending distortion to the main melody, pulling the ends of the phrases upwards with a swooping feeling. The beat slams in again as the rising melody shifts with a feeling of dark triumph and minor key twist and the track ends on the rapid pulse that started it off.

3. Cosmic Titan- Saturn Nights

As the song begins, the lead vocalist’s voice soars and climbs with passion over the delicate background of dense, gliding synth. Notes extend out in a shining flow, floating above the lower elements. The vocal melody is full of deep emotion and expression as a smoothly throbbing drumbeat and an active bass line support it. There’s something almost soothing about the sounds here.

Glowing piano notes twinkle and glimmer around the emotive vocals and a rocking, energetic guitar sings out a hopeful and warm melody that intertwines with the yearning vocal melody. There’s a guitar solo, crying out with more passion and a feeling of something positive and emotional. The drums propel the music onward as the overall tone of the song mixes hope with a sense of something more melancholy. The track ends on the gentle shine with which it began.

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