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Retro Reading: The First Time by Cher as Told to Jeff Coplon



Just her name alone brings up all sorts of descriptions of the multi faceted entertainer, some good and some bad.

However, this isn't one of those typical autobiographies that spends pages upon pages covering the struggle of a celebrity. It's all about her first memories and experiences.

While these are her firsts, she takes us back to everything that she did for the first time with no regrets. Along the way, we find out just who she really is.

Although there are a lot of firsts that she recalls, its a fun journey and you really would like to be friends with her, no matter how brash she can be. It's funny though because what she writes can also fit in with today's world.

At the heart of everything is the real love that she and Sonny Bono had. The relationship was truly a love story (the book ends with her eulogy at his funeral) and while she received flack from everyone, you can now see why that eulogy was so tragic for her.

Through most of the filming years, she skims through them and reveals just how Hollywood perceived her.

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The one thing that even to this day that she complains about is her snub for an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress in Mask. I get it that she should have been nominated because the movie was excellent, but, come on, Cher. I'm pretty sure that the Academy gave her the Oscar for Moonstruck just to shut her up. The latter isn't my favorite movie and I have a hard time sitting through it.

Anyway, the journey is fast paced and well worth the read.

If you're old enough to remember the Sonny and Cher Show she does talk about it (while not in great length) but how after the two split they agreed to continue the show. I remember the tension of the show and then the Cher show.

What I didn't know was that they were nearly a flash in the pan, one hit wonder duo, since their popularity was waning near the end of the '60's due to the changing music and they ended up going on the road to perform as lounge singers, which wasn't going too well.

One night, with barely a handful of people in the audience for a second show, Cher started with the banter of how Sonny actually was and then everything turned around for them.

Most of the entries are short and sweet and there are a lot of pictures which accompany the book.

Maybe one day there will be a sequel to the book, but an hour documentary Cher: In Her Own Words was released on May 4, 2021, but I don't think that's enough time to spend with her.

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