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Retro Reading: Once More With Feeling by Michelle, Lisa, Sophie, Jewel, Tatiana and Jennifer as told to Joanne Parrent


Sex, drugs and of course rock and roll is why you're probably reading this now and wondering who the players are in Hollywood.

While Hollywood is really a small town, the secrets are huge and the rumors fly rampantly (and you know they're probably true).

In the mid-1990's, a tell all book was published and became a bestseller, thus the need for a sequel. It's just as scandalous.

While the original focused on four women who were high priced call girls, this installment features two women who recount their years in Hollywood trying to break into legitimate careers without resorting to prostitution.

Although their stories are compelling, it's Sophie's story that is probably the most heart breaking.

In 1976, she tells us that she was eleven years old, hung around older kids, did drugs and lost her virginity to her boyfriends famous father (and has an affair with him unbeknownst to those around her). And yes, she does name names.

Her story lasts for twenty years and during that time, she recounts how she was turning tricks for a well known couple who pimped out girls and what clients wanted from her at an early age, plus she tells of pimping her own friends.

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At some point in the stories (with the exception of Tatiana, who has been trying to have a legitimate career) their paths seem to cross with somehow knowing the same people.

Many of the celebrities that are mentioned here are also mentioned in You'll Never Make Love In This Town Again and the names shouldn't be shocking. Yes, some are and that's why once you start reading, you can't put it down.

None of the writers set out to become high class prostitutes and it shouldn't be held against them, but they were lured by the money and potential contacts that they made. Everyone here was looking for the same thing- happiness and a stable life.

Jennifer's story about growing up in Hollywood is rather boring, since she doesn't talk too much about her acting/music career (she's featured again in the third installment) but Tatiana can be seen in the Michael Jackson video, "The Way You Make Me Feel."

So, some dreams can come true.

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