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Retro Reading: Hooking Up: You'll Never Make Love in This Town Again Again by Olivia, Carly, Amanda and Jennifer


Hollywood was once again rattled when a new group of partiers/high priced call girls told their stories.

If you're looking for a lot of dirt on your favorite, this really isn't the book to find it, since many of the stories here are recycled and were told before in two previous books. The book came out in 2006, so there really aren't too many secrets that haven't been reported.

Returning to expand on her non-sexual Hollywood story is Jennifer Young.

She's the child of late actor Gig Young and while some of her story is repeated, she goes a little bit further with her career as a musician and her tales of Heidi Fleiss. In this installment, she talks about her friendship with the Hollywood madam and how she inadvertently brought her down.

While the book only features two high priced call girls, Carly talks about her time as a publicist for porn stars. This is ultimately the most boring part of the book since she basically talks about trying to get one of her clients onto the red carpet for an awards show.

But, you have to give Amanda credit for her life.

She considers herself a businesswoman and talks about how she survived her years and how she managed to save money along the way. Actually, it seems like she should have written some type of financial book since she had a net worth at the time into the millions. At the time the book was written, she was just a couple of million dollars short of giving up the business.

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Anyway, this seemed like a quick cash grab for the publisher since it's poorly written and it doesn't deliver the punch that it was intending. Celebrities are mentioned in the title of a story and it leads you to believe you're in for some juicy story, but the writer will say something like, "they were at this party and we said 'hi.'"

Of course this was written before social media so the stories aren't shocking but if you do like these types of Hollywood stories, it's best to go the original.

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