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Reservation Dogs Season 2 Premiere: Experiences and Takeaways

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Reservation Dogs is back baby and ready to take Indian Country by storm once again! This past Friday I had the opportunity to go watch the first two episodes of Hulu’s critically acclaimed series Reservation Dogs newest season and coming out of the premiere I was ready to watch more. Know that below I’ll be giving a vague review on the two episodes so no fear of spoilers.

Remember that it is not too late to binge the 8 episode first season to get caught up.

Lane Factor (Cheese) at the Reservation Dogs Season 2 Premier at River Spirit Casino Resort.

Lane Factor (Cheese) at the Reservation Dogs Season 2 Premier at River Spirit Casino Resort.

Premiere Highlights

Going to the premiere felt like a homecoming of sorts but instead of it being OU it was in the heart of Muscogee Nation in Tulsa, Oklahoma at the River Spirit Casino Resort. For those who don’t know, Reservation Dogs prides itself in being shot on the Muscogee Nation and boy did they come out to show their support at the premiere. I saw many of my friends show up and dress the nicest they may ever have at a casino. You would even hear people in the audience giving little war cries or lulus. At the beginning, one of the speakers asked all the Muscogees in the crowd to stand up and probably more than half of the crowd was standing tall dressed in their ribbon skirts or rocking their biggest medallions/silver and turquoise bolo ties. He went ahead and introduced three members of the cast! Dalton Cramer (Daniel), Lane Factor (Cheese), and Paulina Alexis (Willie Jack) were all there for the premiere, with Paulina getting the greatest cheer of course. The Muscogee Nation Principal Chief came out and wanted to mention that he hopes the audience knows that the Nation is open for business to tell many more stories for the world to see. Following this we had a representative from FX talk about the show's many awards, critical and audience praise, and how the show got renewed for a new season with no doubt in FX’s mind. All of the speakers kept bringing up their hopes for season 3 so fingers crossed that it becomes a reality. To cap off the presentation, we were shown a video from Sterlin Harjo, who was unable to attend the premiere due to COVID. He expressed his gratitude to the tribes and anticipates how we will receive this new season. Then the video ends and goes straight to the first episode of season 2.

What to look forward to this season

This season picks up shortly after the end of season 1. Opposed to the beginning of season 1, we find our group is split up. Elora Danan (Devery Jacobs) is on the road to California with Jackie (Elva Guerra), Bear (D’Pharaoh Woon-A-Tai) trying to figure out what to do as the Rez Dogs “leader” now that Elora is gone, Willie Jack is trying to fix her mistake of putting a curse on Jackie, and Cheese is being Cheese. We also get a nice voiceover about what is happening with the rest of the supporting characters in a hilarious montage. Sprinkled in each of the two episodes we get a hint to what may be causing some mischief in Okern this season. The second episode ends on a hopeful note for our characters and I look forward to seeing the rest of season 2.

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I’ll post a more in-depth episode review when the first two episodes drop August 3rd on Hulu. Indian Country and Indigenous Facebook are definitely gonna have fun with this season.

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