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Remember When: Commercials From the 70s, Ones You Can Never Forget

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Courtesy of fotosearch   Royalty Free

Courtesy of fotosearch Royalty Free

Commercials have come a long way since the 70's the wholesome image has been clogged by the evolving world that sex sells. What happened to the days of people choosing to keep their cities clean after seeing the commercial on TV? maybe they should run it again as a reminder of what we have done to so many of our cities, then again many would probably laugh at it and litter anyway. What about the Kool-Aid man? There was nothing like a fresh glass of grape or strawberry kool-aid we couldn't possibly run that either dentists would scramble and scream about the decay of children's teeth but shouldn't parents teach their children hygiene to avoid some of those nasty little cavities? We had the inchworm when we were growing up and boy did I cry when he was gone it was kind of like riding a pony only it was a worm that inched up and down as we rode along. We will never know if our parents bought Sugar Crisp because we like the commercial or they liked the commercial but it certainly attracted some serious attention, it was definitely on our shelves when we were kids along with Trix and Rice Krispies. We had seen the chiffon commercial and remembering back when mom had gone to the store and purchased 4 bowls of that margarine, we even as children remembered the jingle, " If you think its butter, but it's not its chiffon." Whoever created that jingle must have been high on marijuana, mother earth telling you what was good for you? It was a great jingle none the less. "Two all beef patties; remember that song? That will forever be etched in my memory and every time I order a big mac I sing it out loud, o, course the people behind me always think I am nuts but the ones who understand just smile. Tootsie Rolls are not made like they used to be, they were huge or maybe it was just us who thought they were large seemingly since we were quite young. Oscar Mayer really needs to bring back some of there original commercials it certainly taught many of us how to spell B-O-L-O-G-N-A I wonder how many children could actually spell it now? Fritos Corn Chips does not reside in our household they smell so strong but they certainly sold millions of bags in the 70's and they became a household name, they certainly do speak for themselves. Hawaiian Punch is an all time favorite and they have not changed the taste however drinking to many of them can certainly give you a sugar rush, need I say more? Charlie the Tuna is an American icon, how many people in the U.S. purchased more cans of tuna due to him? Stashed away in my goodies is the character made of hard plastic, yes I still do have some of my childhood memoriabilia don't you? Last but not least our Ty D Bol man when I was a child my imagination ran wild and I was honestly afraid of the Ty D Bol man, I thought he was going to jump out at me when I was in the little girls room needless to say I out grew that and now he is just a little man in my memory who would want to be in a toilet bowl anyway? Certainly not me.


 The littleworm lived through 3 girls, I wonder if you can find him somewhere in an antique store? Come on , you know that one of you have one hidden in a closet or attic somewhere and he is screaming to get out.

 I wonder who the person was in the costume? Were there one or two people inside that thing? Top heavy short legs but he certainly always had a kool-aid smile on his face.

Super Sugar Crisp

I never knew that bears loved cereal and dressed for success? The things bears do for honey! Would you mess with a beehive?

"If You Think It's Butter, But It's Not It's Chiffon"

Someone had to be smoking something when they wrote this commercial did you notice the smile on her face? It's not nice to fool mother nature.

McDonald's Big Mac

 Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun, what is that special sauce anyway?

Tootsie Roll

 They even had a dance named after this all time favorite but what do they really look like? Who created this wonderful little candy we call the Tootise Roll?

 Oscar Mayer a household name really did it when they created there commercials from Bologna to Hot Dogs and who cannot spell Oscar Mayer?

Hawaiian Punch

 Hilarious commercial what grown man would fall for a child and a joke? The Hawaiian punch man that hs who? I believe he had a litte hang-over when he fell for that one.

What was your favorite commercial? What did you beg mom for after you had seen it? How many were afraid of the Ty D Bol man? If only our commercials could be like that now just like they were then maybe just maybe our children would learn how to spell a little better or be more creative then they are. Commercials from the 70's remember when?




Wildbird on December 05, 2018:

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I like McDonalds Cheese Burgers myself my mom like those small tootsie rolls that were 1 to 2 cents

Julianna (author) from SomeWhere Out There on March 19, 2012:

alocsin: Me too if it were not for youtube it would only be etched in our memories. :)

Aurelio Locsin from Orange County, CA on March 19, 2012:

Thanks for bringing back all the memories. I'm glad that many of them are preserved on YouTube. Voting this Up and Interesting.

Me, Steve Walters from Me on July 16, 2011:

AE...Great Hub Idea. I remember each and everyone of these commercials. This was like viewing a trip back in time. The Ty-D-Bol man and Charlie, the tuna, Sugar Bear...too funny. Hey, remember the guy that would say: "Don't squeeze the Charmin?" Best of Fortune to you with your continued writings...wanted to stop in and say "hi".

Better Days from The Northeast, USA on July 12, 2011:

I love this stuff! I am so glad you put in the ty-d-bol bit! Recently I went down memory lane with my older cousins and they all laughed about how when I was a kid I wouldn't go to the bathroom alone because I was afraid of the ty-d-bol man. I remember none of that but I am glad I got to check out the commercial now. Thanks!

Julianna (author) from SomeWhere Out There on December 11, 2009:

Coolmon2009: It takes all of us back a few decades , well most of us. :)

Coolmon2009 from Texas, USA on December 11, 2009:

I remember the Crying Indian Commercial and the others. Takes me back a few decades - Good Hub

Julianna (author) from SomeWhere Out There on October 16, 2009:

jxb7076: I have one coming up pertaining to them.:)

James Brown from United States of America on October 15, 2009:

Yep - Some still stick in my head even today, especially the oscar meyer one.

Julianna (author) from SomeWhere Out There on October 15, 2009:

jxb7076: What is wonderful about that is that they were some of the best commercials and I bet you had some of the greatest memories. :)

James Brown from United States of America on October 15, 2009:

What's really scary is the fact I am old enough to remember all those commercials.

Julianna (author) from SomeWhere Out There on October 03, 2009:

Drifter0658: You certainly do remember them! lololo :D

Drifter0658 from Carlisle on October 03, 2009:

twoallbeefpattiesspecialsaucelettucecheesepicklesonionsonasesameseedbun happened to win for me the second album I ever owned; Led Zeppelin II.

This is a cool Hub, Madge. Is that Palmolive?

No. It's an ancient Chinese secret.

Julianna (author) from SomeWhere Out There on September 21, 2009:

drcrischase: I enjoy Kool-Aid to and Hawaiian Punch not that I dirnk a lot of eat but those commercials including skippy is what sold me. :) Thank you for commenting. :)

Cristopher Chasse from Boston on September 21, 2009:

Great commercials are the one's you remember. Why do you think I always choose Kool-aid instead of a competitors? Well done as usual.

Julianna (author) from SomeWhere Out There on September 21, 2009:

Chloe: Thanks bunches! :)

Chloe Comfort from Long Island on September 21, 2009:

Cool Hub. Classic commercials AND I remember almost all of them. Kudos!

Julianna (author) from SomeWhere Out There on September 13, 2009:

DrPPoorluk: We must not forget , "Give a hoot don't pollute". lololo we are dated or are we?lololol :D

DrPPoorluk from NH on September 13, 2009:

This is an awesome hub! Don't forget Woodsy Owl, McGruff(Take a Bite out of Crime), How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop? Mr. Clean is the man, with more power to shine! Last but not least.. .I'd like to give the world a Coke, in perfect harmony! How dated are we? LOL. Let the nostalgia roll!

Julianna (author) from SomeWhere Out There on September 12, 2009:

AppleTree: Thank you. :)

Appletreedeals from Salisbury, Maryland USA on September 12, 2009:

Bingo! Kindred spirits. Nice points made with your hub content

Julianna (author) from SomeWhere Out There on September 11, 2009:

sheristeele: They are old aren't they and you are welcome when it comes to the memories. :)

sheristeele from Siler City, NC on September 11, 2009:

I forgot about the fritos commercial... wow! what memories. THANKS

Julianna (author) from SomeWhere Out There on September 05, 2009:

Aqua: They certainly have and I do not know sometimes if it is even for the better. :)

Aqua on September 05, 2009:

Another great hub. I actually remember most of these commercials. Things sure have changed!

Julianna (author) from SomeWhere Out There on September 03, 2009:

wesleycox: The inchworm was a toy that all of us had at home it was the cutest little toy I honestly wish they would bring it back. lololol The Koolaid man funny we had just seen him last night on TV. Thank you for enjoying the hub. :)

wesleycox from Back in Texas, at least until August 2012 on September 03, 2009:

Unfortunately I dont remember any commercials from the 70's as I am too young, but it seems like they had commercials similar to these in the 80's. Great hub Julianna.

Julianna (author) from SomeWhere Out There on September 02, 2009:

I enjoyed the Hawaiian punch man and the inchworm I certainly do miss my worm lolololo :)

GlstngRosePetals from Wouldn't You Like To Know on September 02, 2009:

Even though I am a little older then you these sure brought back memories. I loved the kool aid man!!!

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